Super Mario Odyssey completed in the most confusing speedrun ever

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In each game, a HUD (heads-up display) simple and clear is important to show the player essential information. Some titles prefer to limit themselves to the vital conditions of the character, or provide more detailed information on the objectives and directions of the game. For this reason, the YouTuber DougDoug played at Super Mario Odyssey into a new kind of speedrun: it will be possible to finish the game if every 5 minutes the HUD gets more and more "intrusive"?

Every 5 minutes, the speedrunner spins a wheel with almost 50 titles then choosing the heads-up display of the game drawn to add to the screen, making the challenge increasingly difficult to play for the increasingly limited view. Starting from entering the inventory of Runescape and the calendar of Persona 5, the Youtuber pointed out how much a HUD can help and "hinder" the player at the same time.

Speedruns are born to demonstrate skill and speed in completing games. In this article we talk about how a speedrunner managed to complete The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask in just 28 minutes.

After careful placement of several Tetris-worthy on-screen HUDs, this speedrun was completed in 2 hours approximately. Obviously this is not a challenge focused on skill, but a challenge created for pure fun. After all, see Miyamoto on a horse from Red Dead Redemption 2, armed with a lightsaber and firearms he made the idea of ​​the challenge.

The world of speedruns is full of fun and complex challenges, including that of a speedrunner who managed to finish all 714 NES titles. If you are interested in how long it took to complete this feat, check out this article.

At the end of the stream, due to the countless game elements included in Super Mario Odyssey, DougDoug has renamed the speedrun:

Lego Legend of Old School Final Grand Elder Star World of Zelda Warcraft Kingdom Call of Dark Half Breath Raid of Animal Shadow Life Risk Scrolls of Skyrim Wars Legends Crossing The Metal Duke New Super Red Hearts Wild Duty Banjo New Kazooie Super Fantasy Fallout Horizons Team Dead Mario Souls Donkey Kong Sims Theft Gear Runescape Redemption Fortress Solid Rayman Witcher Mario Odyssotta Tetris Undertale Odyssey Halo Fortnite Rain 53252V2310644642333

Super Mario Odyssey has also achieved great success thanks to speedruns like these. For fans, there are already rumors about a sequel to the title: to find out more, take a look at this article.

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