Super Mario Odyssey in 10 players is possible thanks to a mod

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Super Mario Odyssey also became famous for the possibility of play multiplayer, allowing two players to venture between its many worlds simultaneously, but now it could become possible explore the game world as many as 10.

This was the main purpose of one mod made by some fans, who wanted to share Super Mario Odyssey with a full-bodied multiplayer for many people (up to 10, in fact). Developed by CraftyBoss, the mod supports all title kingdoms and it even synchronizes the progress of the players during the collection of moons. This modification can only be played with a Nintendo Switch console modified, and using a Super Mario Odyssey ROM. These are requirements which, it is important to remember, are neither official nor legal.

In a description of the mod, you can read:

Have fun exploring the realms with friends, playing the game modes or completing the game as fast as possible! This mod is still under development, so expect bugs and unfinished features as we work hard to improve it and make it as refined as possible.

The CraftyBoss mod is, therefore, still under development, and the team working on it accepts suggestions for progress, including one object hunt mode. The latter is not yet known when and if it will be implemented, but it is an option. Custom game modes will also be supported in the future, so players in possession of the mod will be able to modify the game to your liking, by entering the parameters you want.

The mod also supports the full range of costumes of Super Mario Odyssey, including some items that were previously exclusively featured in 2D mode of the game. Recall that the title was launched in 2017 and has been a great success with the public, especially thanks to the vastness and details of the many worlds present, as well as the possibility of undertaking the entire adventure as a couple, a player in the role of Mario and the other in Cappy's.

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