System Shock 3: is it officially over? Development would be stopped

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The video game author Warren Spector has recently shared, after a long period of silence, a piece of news relating to the development of System Shock 3, overall very disappointing for those who awaited its release. The realization of the work, it seems, would be stopped for some time.

The publisher Tencent Games, which was supposed to launch System Shock 3, is no longer moving forward with the project, while Warren's team had been working on it for 2 years. The design phase of the title has in fact engaged the developers in 2018 and 2019. The latest news dates back to before the outbreak of the pandemic, which greatly contributed to the stop of the project.

Tencent has acquired the rights of System Shock in 2020. Since the acquisition, OtherSide Entertainment seems not to have worked on the third chapter of the franchise, and Warren Spector said that it would have been Tencent to take care, in addition to the distribution, also of the development of System Shock 3. On the latter, Warren made a brief statement:

We worked on it in 2018 and 2019. That's it.

The developer left the "hot potato" to Tencent Games. It is now up to the studio to talk about the title and further developments about it, since the game author said everything he could say years ago, before the acquisition.

Although System Shock 3 is currently stopped, there may be a new resumption of work, or the work could be permanently shelved. Recall that Warren Spector is now working on another project, a new IP which will be revealed later. The details are not known, but it is known that the reference genre of the adventure now in development falls within the Immersive sim.

This was stated by Warren himself during an interview with Venture Beat. The only clue given to the public regarding the new IP is an illustration, which it represents a whale wearing golden armor, in the foreground against a green background with colorful and very particular vegetation. The fantasy atmospheres bode well.

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