System Shock is ready to return, and it's 1994 right away

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Although the time available to us was not very much, during the Gamescom 2022 which took place in Cologne we got to get our hands on System Shock for a short test. As you obviously know, if you know the original title, it is the remake of the 1994 game of the same name, which in that period marked several small turning points for the genre. In his time he was able to innovate, to tell an intriguing story, and to thrill thousands of players who perhaps approached a science fiction adventure of this type for the first time.

This remake has seen the classic gameplay (the one that helped create the legend) flanked by more modern graphics in high definition, and several technical improvements. But how the game performed during our test? Let's find out together.

A third of the time at our disposal was necessary for the narrative and video introduction of the game, where we made a very small knowledge of the villain on duty (who screwed us very well) and our first objective. After waking up in the laboratory, we were finally able to test the gameplay of System Shock by hand, as well as test the actual graphic quality achieved with the remake.

Let's start by saying that the game was clearly structured, especially in theinterface, to be played on PC (or at least with mouse and keyboard): this can be easily deduced given the partial controller support only, where the menu and the various windows do not respond to directional commands, but only to the selection with the pointer using the analog stick. This has made many things less intuitive than expected, and perhaps a little too cumbersome for a remake arriving in 2022.

Actually, however, this is the only feature of the game system that gave us a sense of "stale", because the actual System Shock in gameplay hasn't fared badly at all. The weight of the years is felt only up to a certain point, and groped to make the game even more "modern" in terms of inventory and mission management would have required a gigantic job, practically a total makeover. What we are faced with is therefore a game under the "uncomfortable" management plan but that works once you get used to it - a lot - a bit like Fallout 3 and 4.

Apart from the general disorientation, the gameplay between movements and phases of shooting turned out to be the part that most helped of this remake: good fluidity of movement, images, and action, a little less level design.

even the video sector was one of the main focuses of the makeover, e System Shock has undergone very good refurbishment work, we are not far from the quality of the titles born from 2020 onwards (always compared to the graphic style of the game), which all in all makes us think of a certain care, even if perhaps not with a stellar budget behind us.

Obviously, from a very short test we cannot say much about the game, except that it is impressions were very positive, but that only a complete study will make us discover how good the new System Shock is. We remind you that the game does not yet have a precise date, but that the development team has stated that we will see it soon, unless postponed. by the end of 2022.

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