Tales From the Borderlands 2 is official, details from Gearbox

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There is no doubt that Tales from the borderlands, a spin off title inspired by the world of Borderlands that takes advantage of all the dynamics and gameplay of the titles Telltale, is one of the best of its kind: funny and at times hilarious, quoting, with a plot not too intertwined but that goes well with the universe of the series. Well, those who loved it will be happy to know that a Tales From The Borderlands 2 is official, and currently in development by Gearbox.

The news was given directly by Gearbox through its Twitter account, declaring with a post that a Totally new Tales From the Borderlands is in development with a whole new story (so with new characters and a new storyline), and to be released by 2022 just from Gearbox e 2K.

Unfortunately beyond that, no relevant details have yet been released from the studio or publisher.

New adventure, new characters, new tales.

An all NEW Tales from the Borderlands is coming in 2022 from Gearbox and 2K.#GearboxAtPAX #Borderlands pic.twitter.com/mhBicROKqX

— GearboxOfficial (@GearboxOfficial) April 21, 2022

This is undoubtedly the most important news regarding Gearbox that comes from PAX East which is taking place these days, with the public - clearly including the online one - who were particularly surprised by the announcement, given that at present no one seemed to be expecting a new Tales From the Borderlands.

The welcome, however, was very warm, proof that the fans, despite everything, have greatly appreciated the first title, and are about to get a game that "they did not know they needed, but now they want at all costs".

Waiting for more information from Gearbox for the launch of this new Tales From the Borderlands 2 (which will probably arrive soon, given the launch within the year), we refer you to our review of the first chapter, which had so excited and pleasantly surprised us in its release period (the now distant 2016).

If you are a lover of the genre, you will also be in trepidation for the arrival - finally - of the sequel to The Wolf Among Us.

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