Telegram update: all the news of version 5.7

Telegram update: all the news of version 5.7

A new one has arrived Telegram update: this is version 5.7 of the instant messaging app, which brings several news regarding privacy, bots, channels and group chats. Let's find out everything in detail.

Telegram update: the new features

After the news of last May, Telegram - the great competitor of WhatsApp - brings out a new update. This is the line 5.7, distributed in these hours, made available to all users, from Android to iOS through those who use the application on Desktop.

Telegram update: all the news of version 5.7

The innovations introduced by Telegram update there are many and they concern different areas of the platform. Starting from that of privacy, the update introduces a more granular management of who can see the phone number: you can set the choice on three values, namely "none", "all" and "my contacts". Not only that: now there is also a function that labels all suspicious accounts as "Spam".

Channel chapter: now it's possible consult public channels even without entering the application. Just click a link via web browser and tap on the "Preview channel" option. From now on, the admin can also associate a channel to a group chat, so as to transform the latter into a real conglomeration of discussions regarding the channel. And all this always through a link, called "discuss".

News also arrives with regard to bots: they have been connected with web services, so that you can use your Telegram account to access a website to which you will find yourself logged in with the name you have on Telegram.

Telegram update: ad hoc news for specific operating systems

But the surprises do not end there: in fact the version 5.7 brings news also with reference to the specific operating systems. For example, on Android we have variations in the management of chat themes and the restyling of some confirmation windows. Instead, on iOS it will be possible to benefit fromPDF preview if they share.

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