The 3 best free tools to update drivers in Windows 10

The 3 best free tools to update drivers in Windows 10

While you are in the middle of your normal computing sessions on your system, there is a chance that your Ethernet connection will drop too often. In some cases, the printer may not work in normal mode or, for example, there may be a loss of performance in the video drivers. If you're having a hard time guessing the reason behind this, here it is. It is mainly because the device drivers on the system are not installed correctly. If they are installed, they may be out of date. I recommend that you keep your system up to date, to stay equipped with the latest features and improvements.

Whenever you connect a new device to your system, such as a hard drive, speaker, or pendrive, the Windows operating system boots to the generic version of it. And so, you will get all the basic functionality associated with the specific controller. But if you need more features, there are a lot of software that can be easily downloaded from the manufacturer's websites. Here I will introduce you to the world of four new software that have been developed for the sole purpose of updating drivers. An advantage of this is that they will automatically search for outdated drivers and ask you to update them.

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Driver Booster

Driver Booster, a product of IObit, has proven to be the best tool for installing outdated drivers. It automatically scans and whenever it detects that a driver is out of date, it launches all required installation files and alerts users. Users can choose files and update them individually.

The 3 best free tools to update drivers in Windows 10

The strong point of this software is that it allows you to schedule scans for weekly, monthly, etc. They ensure both the security of your data and the stability of the disk by correcting errors in the drivers. They are available in two different versions: the Free version update the most important drivers while Pro Version check and update all drivers available on your system.

The 3 best free tools to update drivers in Windows 10

Plus, take your gaming experience to the next level by installing missing components. You can download it by clicking here - Driver Booster.

Pilot talent

This is another software tool called driver talent which automatically scans and looks for outdated drivers. But this is different from Driver Booster, where the installation files start automatically. Here, it tells you which drivers are out of date, but doesn't automatically install them. But you don't have to worry. This is only in the case of its free version. Once you take the liberty of purchasing its professional version, it's great. It repairs any faulty drives, updates them to the latest version, automatically installs all necessary files, and protects your system by making a backup before installation. If something goes wrong on its way, it automatically restores the system to its original state.

The 3 best free tools to update drivers in Windows 10

The screenshot above gives you a hint of what it is, in the free version. You can download it by clicking here - Pilot talent. This is about 10MB.


This is a very basic tool that has the simplest user interface of all the tools described here. There is a possibility that the network drivers will not be installed when you do a Windows installation on the system, instead of updating it. In such cases, this useful tool identifies the missing drivers and provides a portable file containing a link to download the drivers. Internet access may not be possible due to unavailability of network drivers. Then download them using the links, from the file provided by the tool on a computer that has good network connectivity.

The 3 best free tools to update drivers in Windows 10

You can download this simple tool by clicking on the link provided here - Driver Identifier.


This is an interesting tool that updates drivers using cloud technology and real-time scanning. As long as your system is connected to any type of device such as printers, speakers or any USB devices, it scans them, checks for outdated devices and retrieves drivers from the cloud. It also perfectly installs the automatically recovered files. Like all the other tools discussed so far, this software is also available in two different versions: the free version allows you to update the units individually, while the paid version helps to update them in groups, with improved functionality.

The 3 best free tools to update drivers in Windows 10

Once it has scanned as shown above, it tells you which updates to download.

The 3 best free tools to update drivers in Windows 10

This is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. You can download this software by clicking on this link: SlimDrivers.

That is. Hope you found this article helpful!

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