The anthology Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me, here's the release date

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Supermassive Games, developers of the acclaimed Until Dawn and the recent The Quarry, have announced the release date of their next game. The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me will be released on November 18th, and will mark the end of The Dark Pictures' first season.

This time characters they will find themselves struggling with the "murder castle"Of the known serial killer H.H Holmes. Invited by an anonymous person they will have to make room in the hotel of horrors in the hope of reviving interest in their TV series now on the verge of failure. The trailer promises a fairly substantial experience, with 7 hours of gameplay e deeper puzzle and exploration mechanics compared to previous titles. Following the course of the other games in the series, even the new one will be released cross-platform for PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.

News of the release of this game have been circulating for a few days already, but we want to remind you that the work will also present one Animatronic Collector’s Edition, containing among other gadgets a 11cm bust of a Animatronic and access to Curator's Cut, a version expanded game with more scenes and choices not present in the original game.

Hopefully, this game can be a worthy ending to a season that has given us some good games, but that has wobbled a bit at times and that maybe it can kick off a great new horror saga.

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