The Callisto Protocol: Additional death animations will be sold as DLC

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In the last few hours we finally found out what to expect from Season Pass di The Callisto Protocol. Glen Schofield, director of the video game in question, has promised years of additional content, among which we find: a cosmetic skin pack, additional difficulty options, permadeath, a survival mode dubbed Riot it's a DLC that will expand the story.

In addition to this, the development team has revealed that they will also be sold separately death animations, thirteen for the protagonist Jacob in the Contagion bundle e twelve for enemies in the Riot bundle. Schofield clarified that noNone of these animations are ready and that will be added at the behest of the fans.

To be clear: We're not holding anything back from the main game for the season pass. We haven't even started working on this content yet. It's all new stuff that we'll be working on in the new year. Fans have asked for EVEN MORE deaths, so we're making it a priority next year.

— Glen A. Schofield (@GlenSchofield) November 23, 2022

To be clear: we are not cutting anything from the main game to fit into the Season Pass. We haven't started working on this content yet. These are all new things that we will be working on over the next year. Fans have been asking for EVEN MORE deaths, so we'll be making that a priority in the year ahead.

The thing obviously hasand sparked a lot of controversy online, with numerous players who have railed against the development team for this singular choice. A choice that is not applied to a fighting game like Mortal Kombat but rather to a narrative horror title where, theoretically, dying should be the last thing the player wants.

Regardless of personal opinions, the choice has now been made and set a precedent. Should that Season Pass be successful, it is likely other development teams and companies may consider similar ideas for their titles in the future.

Finally, we remind you that The Callisto Protocol will be available from 2 December 2022 per PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S e Xbox One.

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