The Callisto Protocol is a visual disaster on PC

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The Callisto Protocol came out today and is already making headlines, for better or for worse. We still have a few hours to spend in Callisto prison before making a decision on the matter.

However, we know the title in its version PC is suffering several problemsi: the game shuts down by itself (shuttering) making it almost impossible to play.

The trigger? A sum of contributing causes, first of all a compilation of the Shaders of the Unreal Engine graphics engine which, when added together, give a system error leading to the shutdown of the game.

Apparently, even if you have a respectable car, equipped with the very latest RTX 4090 and with a processor worthy of the name, it seems impossible to exceed 45 FPS.

Not only that, it seems that at each closure of the game, these "learn" from their mistakes and in fact starting the game over you will find that the FPS will increase but the fact is that it is unthinkable for a player,
make a game session in which you reach the end (if you get there) to be able to start it again.

At the moment the problems are well known to the production company which is working hard to solve them, we will see in how long, for now the game seems stable only on consoles.

Fonte: wccftech
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