The Callisto Protocol: new trailer, present a well-known face of The Boys

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A new trailer for The Callisto Protocol, the horror coming from Krafton and which follows in the footsteps of Dead Space, placing itself almost as a spiritual sequel. In the trailer, a familiar face appears for those who followed The Boys, an Amazon Prime Video TV series that tells the story of a group of people ready to do everything to stop the worst superheroes (capable of the most heinous crimes).

It appears that Karen Fukuhara (The Boys) is in The Callisto Protocol

— Nibel (@Nibellion) September 29, 2022

As you can see, the face in question is that of Karen fukuhara, who in the series plays the Female of the Species, a girl who does not speak, endowed with superhuman strength.

In this third person narrative horror game, set 300 years into the future, the player plays the role of Jacob Lee: an unfortunate prisoner locked up in the Black Iron prison, a maximum security prison located on Callisto, the dead moon of Jupiter. When the other inmates start turning into nightmarish creatures, the prison plunges into chaos.

To survive, Jacob he must force his way to freedom and uncover the dark and disturbing secrets buried beneath Callisto's surface. Using a unique combination of melee and ranged combat, Jacob will have to constantly adapt his tactics to face ever-changing monstrous creatures, and find as many new weapons, items and abilities as possible to overcome the growing threat posed by the horrors of the dead moon. of Jupiter.

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