The company that has seized LAN and Esports rooms would like to open their own

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A short distance from the seizure of Esports and LAN cinemas in Spain, of which news came out yesterday, Saturday 30 April 2022, a new development has arrived: the Led group it would appear to be intending to introduce PCs and consoles to their gaming rooms.

Led is the group from which the complaint originated that triggered the provision of the Customs and State Monopolies Agency. Following the complaint to ADM Lombardia, a ruling by the CEO of Led Sergio Milanesi. The latter manages rooms with “coin-operated machines that allow for cash winnings”, and would like to introduce the possibility of playing competitively through the eSports circuit and electronic sports in its rooms.

The taxpayer's request was introduced by art. 11 of Law no. 212/2000, and regulated by Ministerial Decree no. 209/2001, following the entry into force of Legislative Decree no. 24, in the form of the Ordinary Interpello that can be activated in relation to any provision of law that is objectively uncertain in its application, to have clarifications regarding the activities that, if considered lawful, we would also like to introduce in our games rooms.

The deadline set by the legislation for the response is 90 days, if it is not possible to provide a response on the basis of the documents attached to the application, the addressee Management may request, only once, the integration of the documentation presented by the applicant. 

The reply we will receive to our I.nterpello, will clarify the applicable rules and whether these activities are lawful and can be carried out without the need for certification of the equipment used.

In the statement presented by Sergio Milanesi yesterday, the problem related to the fact that, in the specific LAN and Esports rooms, it would be possible to carry out various activities was underlined without winning money and without using tokens, and this would be considered unfair competition. The other accusation raised in the complaint was linked to the fact that the activities dedicated to Esports install only simple consoles and PCs, remaining devoid of control and regulation.

The official documents of Led's new ruling have recently been disclosed.

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