The complete set on Diablo Immortal costs more than 100.000 euros

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Not even time to go out on our mobile devices and on PCs that Diablo Immortal, the free to play branded Blizzard Entertainment, is immediately at the center of controversy as according to some to have a complete set of the character it would take the beauty of 110.000 dollars, or ten years of play.

As recently reported in a video by Bellunar News, Diablo Immortal allows gamers to earn Legendary Gems useful to enhance your character. These Legendary Gems would be one of the three staples behind in-game progression.

You can in fact progress in enhancing the character through these gems, through better equipment, and obviously through the level of the same. And currently there are few chances for gamers who don't want to spend real money to get their hands on the best gems.

As explained in the video, Gems have a rarity level ranging from one to five stars, and the latter can be obtained mainly with legendary chests (the Diablo Immortal loot boxes), which in turn can be obtained using the microtransactions.

However, the percentage of discovery of an object of maximum rarity based on the amount of attempts is one for every 50 Legendary Chests, and letting ourselves go to the usual "accounts of the servant" we can affirm the following.

By spending $ 100 you can buy 45 loot boxes, dutifully multiply everything and this will make you understand how much you will need to put your wallet in order to have access to all the Legendary Gems of the highest level in the game.

The total of these calculations is just $ 110.000 to have a complete set on your character's Diablo Immortal and upgrade it to the maximum, or just keep playing for the next ten years.

Once you get your hands on this Diablo Immortal, the other thing we have to do is wait for some official announcement on Diablo IV, which was presumably scheduled for 2022 but has been postponed, as we indicated in this article.

Source: YouTube Via: ResetEra
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