The Day Before: the game reminiscent of The Last of Us is developed by "unpaid volunteers"

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The Day Before is a survival title with a strong influence from The Last of Us, developed by Fntastic, an emerging team that has jumped into the limelight thanks to a large group of faithful who have already pre-ordered it on the wishlist of the famous Steam.

It is also noteworthy that the game is developed with U and that in fact the development team would appear to be made up of paid staff and other de facto unpaid members.

The game was postponed to March 2023 when it was previously scheduled for June 21 this year and, we note, that the game is in the wishlist of many users, many more than it has Starfield for example, the reason for the delay seems to be related to the implementation of an open-world part.

The team's official website reports that:

The idea behind our way of thinking is volunteering: this means that every member of the Fntastic team is basically a volunteer.

The team let us know that few members of the group actually have a small salary for the production of the game and that most of them work part-time in the company, perceiving as a "payment method" some "very cool" rewards as gods certificates of participation in the project (ok, in fact having participated in the development of a game allows you to enter the sector, if your goal was to qualify with other companies that ... pay!), free game codes.

Unpaid employees can fill any job: from social media coverage, to the moderation of the online community even offer their unique expertise and skills to enhance the gaming experience going to insert new elements or options that paid developers may not have thought of and certainly in an open world survival game there can be many elements that are not thought about and that can be inserted at different moments of development.

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