The Devil in Me, tried the season finale of Dark Pictures Anthology

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We have already had occasion to talk about The devil in me, the title that marks the season finale of the The Dark Pictures Anthology, which will arrive on 18th November and that will lead players to discover a new horror story. We also had the opportunity to review the previous chapters, all with a common thread that ultimately led to this last, for now, chapter. Today we will focus and talk about our impressions of an early section of the game.

Let's start from the basics: the adventure of The Devil in Me will tell a story linked to Castle of Death di H.H.Holmes, serial killer who killed the guests of this property. In the game we will find ourselves controlling a crew that is producing a series dedicated to serial killers, and that therefore will finally be able to record content related to one of these.

Close as it opened

Let's start by saying that we only got to try one hour of the game, which is why we can only give our first impressions on new work of the anthology, but what we have seen is enough to say that it seems to be back to basics. The game is a slasher that breaks away from previous urban legends by putting our characters inside a sort of perverse hotel as if it were born from the mind of Saw the Riddler.

If the return to the slasher is welcome, the gameplay he does not make the mistake of going back too, but rather advances with the inclusion of unique objects (with consequent abilities) and therefore of a decidedly more expanded depth of play. The depth can also be seen in the play areas, really larger and free, so much so as to give a feeling of freedom that is initially a bit strange, but then decidedly well-liked.

The cast

In the session we tried to The devil in me we discovered i five characters from the troupe: we are talking about non-dubbed versions, which however have immediately shown their character (but to understand how they will be localized we will have to wait for the review).

The characters we have seen are Kate, the presenter of the show, Mark e Jamie, respectively cameraman and machinist, and the sound manager Erin; he thinks about managing them Charlie, director and head of the team, as well as a character more characterized by what we have been able to see so far. Even the others, however, immediately show themselves as really deep and multifaceted characters, and this can only play in favor - if the characterizations are confirmed up to the level - in the development of the plot.

The general impression for now is that The Devil in Me is a crasis of the various chapters of The Dark Pictures Anthology, and that all the best of the other products has been transposed into this new adventure, which could become the litmus test of what the gamer will really want from a possible season 2. For now there are the conditions for an excellent chapter of the series, but we will be able to give you our final judgment only in the review.

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