The Division Resurgence coming to mobile: how to register for the alpha

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The Division Resurgence is the new Ubisoft game that brings the magic of a brand we have known for some time, directly to the streets: it is in fact a mobile version. At the bottom of the article you will find the instructions for the beta of the game.

For this occasion, the members of the Division will return to fight on the streets of New York, enjoying a triple A experience (according to the manufacturer) directly on their smartphone.

The controls and the user interface have been revised, improved to offer the player the maximum of the playful video experience but on portable devices: a series of totally new modes have also been added.

The news in the house The Division Resurgence they do not end there: the entire storyline of the game in campaign mode is new, never seen before in any of the chapters prior to this title; whether you are a veteran of the game or not, you will be part of the first wave of agents to come into action in New York. The game environment, fully explorable, can be faced both in single player and in cooperative mode: daily and weekly missions will put the players' skills to the test.

Being a third-person RPG, there will be opportunities to find equipment, cosmetic items and legendary weapons, obviously the most coveted by all. In addition to the classic farming, however, know that it is also possible to manufacture and modify their equipment as long as adequate projects and equipment have been found for this purpose. An interesting feature is that of the change of role "on the fly": let's say that you have chosen a certain class at the beginning of your adventure and that for certain reasons your team needs another specific class at that moment; the designated user can change class, maintaining the level of the character without necessarily having to create a new one and in this way it is possible to take advantage of all the new abilities of the character and then return to the original form without having actually lost anything.

To sign up for the Beta of the game, just go to the footer of this address.

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