The Game Awards 2022: date and new category revealed

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With a completely surprise tweet, Geoff Keighley, the Canadian journalist, as well as creator and host of one of the most beautiful and important videogame events ever, has officially revealed the date on which the next The Game Awards will be held. This show, now in its ninth edition, will air on all the major streaming platforms, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok next 8th December.

📣 We have a date! 📣

Thursday, December 8

Live streaming around the world from Microsoft Theater in LA.

Hard to believe this is our NINTH show.

We’ve been working all year to bring you something very special.

- Geoff Keighley (@geoffkeighley) August 22, 2022

During the event, a jury of professionals will award the awards all those productions and video games that have stood out during this 2022 (at least info in December). This year, however, the organizers have decided to include or at least extend the awards to a new category, let's call it "Mixed" or "adjacent" to the world of video games, such as TV series, films, podcasts and much more, the Best Adaptation Award. These words Geoff Keighley:

The Best Adaptation Award is a way for the video game industry and its fans to take a look at the creative work of the adaptation, which often adds tradition and a different context to our favorite franchises. With so many video game-inspired projects in entertainment, the time has come to honor excellence in adapting these worlds to other mediums.

The journalist's words make full sense, now the world of video games is growing and expanding, also involving the rest of the entertainment world, so it will be nice to see these categories also battle for the coveted prize. In short, also this year we can't wait to cheer on those titles that have struck us for their excellence, and glue ourselves to the screens to enjoy the show.


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