The Game Awards 2022 will be shorter than last year's edition

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Geoff keighley recently revealed that this year's edition of The Game Awards Sara significantly shorter compared to last year's edition, this is to meet the feedback from viewers.

The Game Awards 2022 will take place on Thursday 8th December and, ahead of the event, Keighley revealed some details about this year's edition via a live on Twitter:

One thing we will try to do this year is make the event a little bit shorter. This thing won't be official until we finish rehearsals, but we think this year will be a significantly shorter show.

Explaining the decision to shorten the length of the event, Keighley said the following:

I think we felt a little tired after last year's edition. There are a lot of games and a lot of things we want to show, but we're trying to boil it all down so hopefully this edition will be a little more streamlined.

Keighley also also stated that there will not be a large presence of announced titles, and this also applies to i most anticipated Triple AAA titles:

We've significantly reduced the show's runtime and as a result there will be fewer "big" games, which is important because we know how important it is for some people to have a good number of new features.

A title that will certainly not be shown during the show event is the new chapter in the Mortal Kombat series. The development team has in fact revealed to its fans not to expect news about it during The Game Awards 2022.

However, it has been confirmed that Tekken 8 will be shown during the show and may be announced there as well Crash Bandicoot Wumpa League, according to several rather reliable rumors. Finally, Electronic Arts is likely to show new gameplay videos of Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

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