The Last of Us banned in Russia for LGBT content

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According to a report on censorship in Russia published Twitter, it seems that the Russian government is considering banning several titles, among which are Apex Legends e The Last of Us. Since the invasion ofUkraine by the army Russian, the gaming industry of both countries has entered a deep crisis. Some industry giants like EA, Ubisoft, and Epic have suspended sales in Russia to express their disagreement with the operation. The teams Esports Ukrainian professional teams had to miss some tournaments and the most important Russian teams had to change their names to distance themselves from their government.

Second AlphaINTEL, accounts Twitter which publishes news related to Apex Legends, it seems that the Russia is considering banning several video games that would include elements of “propaganda LGBT", among which Apex Legends, The Last of Us, Life is Strange e The Sims 3, along with many others.

Russia is considering banning Apex Legends, and other games which they say include "LGBT propaganda" and "the promotion of non-traditional relationships, when they are served as the norm."

— Apex Legends News (@alphaINTEL) November 11, 2022

In Russia it is official that the censorship that the government intends to apply to all those contents which, according to those who legislate, make "propaganda LGBT“. The measure will affect all fields, from films to books, from advertising to online content. Citizens caught using banned content will face a $6.500 fine, while foreigners will be deported from the country. Gamers reacted angrily to the decision, blaming the government Russian to be homophobic. Cases of stories are rare LGBT in the world of video games, and it's a really bad sign that these are being banned.

Source: Twitter Via: Gamerant
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