The Last of Us Part 1 contains a reference to The Office

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After only 10 days from the release of The Last Of Us Part 1 have already been found the first easter eggs. Between these, a TikTok user he found a very particular one. Rxelei, this is its name online, while explored the Pittsburgh section entered a building through broken windows, and found himself in one room that he recognized almost immediately.

And so we found out what the game's developers have replicated the set of a very famous American sitcom, The Office, making the offices of Dunder Mifflin an explorable area. In truth, you can only walk in the room in the main room, where we can recognize Pam's secretary desk, and Dwight's desk. Also visible are the black sofa near the entrance, Michael Scott's personal office and the door to the conference room.


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However, not everything seems to be in place, the section of the office dedicated to accountants should in fact be different, and the door to the break room is also missing, which then should lead to the second part of the room, however it must be said that the similarity at a glance is really too much because it is a mere coincidence. Surely the fact that so many online users have recognized the office from even just a couple of doors and desks and a testament to how iconic the series has become in the common imagination.


Source: TikTok Via: IGN
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