The Last of Us Part 1: gameplay and official news of the remake

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Following the reveal of the remake per PS5 of the first The Last of Us, information about the game and what awaits us have been slowly released, even if many users are not yet clear what this version will offer more than the original. In fact, in recent weeks there have been many perplexed comments exploded on social networks by users against The Last of Us Part 1, many of whom agree that "the game doesn't need a remake." As if to answer the questions and concerns of the skeptics, it comes directly from N un new video, which illustrates exactly many of the new features that the new work will enjoy.

With N, Director of The Last of Us and Co-President of Naughty Dog, along with his team then showed and pitted everything we wanted to know (you can start the video from the player in the article).

In short, players will enjoy as already known one graphics totally revamped, an improvement to the next level of controls, and above all the significant changes and improvements of theArtificial intelligence.

Clearly, which should not be underestimated, all the features related to the Dualense, such as haptic triggers which for example will react to Ellie's arc voltage.

It does not end here, however, because the video also revealed new features and modes that will be added in this version: in fact, we first of all talked about two in-game modes, namely the Permadeath Mode, which will take realism to a new level, and Speedrun Mode, which will allow players to time their games and test themselves. Also, there will be one improved photo mode, And a Model Wiever Mode to admire characters and more.

We can certainly expect extremely high product quality, but whether everything we've listed will be enough for players or not, time and sales will tell.

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