The Last of Us Part 1: Here's how to fix screen flickering

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Just today, 2 September 2022, the highly anticipated remake of The Last of Us per PlayStation 5. The game, which has recently become part of the users' collections, however, seems to present the first problems right away. Come on Reddit in fact that some users complain of a flickering in different moments of the game with a lot of videos to demonstrate this.
The discussion immediately starts, dozens of users confront each other to find out if it is possible and how to solve this undoubtedly annoying problem. Among the many who claim it is a problem with the television and not with the game in particular, we also find those who instead suggest an effective solution to the problem. In fact, the most popular hypothesis would be to disable the 120hz and Variable refresh rate area of PS5.

The proposed solution seems to work for some but not everyone is satisfied with this method. The game only came out today, and as much as the frustration of the players involved is understandable, al day one it is not uncommon for any type of product to encounter some problems. For those who have not yet managed to deal with it, therefore, all that remains is to wait for the arrival of some other solution proposed by the fans or perhaps by the same. N.

Source: Reddit
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