The Last of Us Part 1 is official: release date and trailer at the Summer Game Fest

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Finally The Last of Us Parte I, until now known as The Last of Us Remake after Jason Schreier's report, it was announced in the course of Game Summer Fest with a very first trailer, which also confirmed the release date of the 2 September 2022.

We are talking about a title particularly awaited by Sony users, which will initially arrive on PS5 and then also arrive on PC, as confirmed in the course of the new video, which was already leaked during the day today. We have deepened everything in the article that you find at this link.

We are talking about a title that as confirmed will allow you to relive the very first adventure of Ellie e Joel in a different sauce, thus retracing the original story with additions and improvements, in order to obviously introduce the best of what was seen with Part 2, arrived in 2020 after the debut in the first game in 2013.

We will then be able to put our hands back on the new generation experience at full price, but with a graphic sector as shown in the completely revised trailer, which will therefore allow us to appreciate the events now almost 10 years old in step with the times, obviously hoping that the release date of The Last of Us Part I revealed in the trailer is not moved by Naughty Dog.

At the moment we do not know what are the other plans of the well-known developer, who in fact could be at work as we also know on the experience known as Factions, or the multiplayer of the last chapter of The Last of Us arrived on the market.

We will obviously see what the potential of the title in question will be ready to reach the market in only a few months, perhaps concluding the Sony lineup for 2022 together with the debut of God of War, hoping that the title of Santa Monica hits shelves before the end of the year.

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