The Last of Us Part 1: Spoilers end up online, be careful

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We can define The Last of Us,action adventure di N, one of the greatest videogame masterpieces in recent years. From the 2013, its year of release, to date we see it still boasted and played by thousands of gamers. It is thanks to its fame that the September 3th we will see him come back up PS5 so that even those who only now approach the videogame reality can recover it. It is precisely for these novice gamers that the numerous gameplay spoilers that are appearing on the last few days YouTube become a problem.

You know, when the release of a product that is anxiously awaited, film, series or video game is approaching, it is always advisable to stay away from social networks unless you want to risk running into some anticipation on the final yield of the title. . This is the risk that, in the last period, those who are waiting for September incur to put a hand on the Naughty Dog video game for the first time. In fact, it seems that in the last few days numerous gameplay have been loaded on YT and among these also one of an entire hour, apparently recorded by a child.
The fact that a game was released about ten years ago does not mean that everyone has had the opportunity to get involved and we are sure there are many gamers who are waiting for these new ones. remastered to do it. We therefore invite all interested parties to safeguard themselves from what on social networks bears the title of the product of their interest since you never know when it could stumble on unwelcome advances.

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