The Last of Us Part 3 would already be in the works

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The Last of Us over time it has become one of the symbolic titles of the panorama PlayStation, particularly loved by fans, the two chapters of the game are already on the list to receive a third which, according to a well-known leaker, would already be in the works. It's about ViewerAnon who, particularly known for his leaks on the Marvel cinematic universe, has recently also given himself to the gaming environment, while pointing out that it is not his field.

To tell the leaker the next game to which N would be working together with N it would be The Last of Us Part 3. This statement caused quite a stir among fans, especially those who were unaware of the leaker's reliable background, leading them to ask numerous questions eager for details.
So we also talked about Factions e Uncharted. Factions is a new IP of Naughty Dog and should be a spin off of The Last of Us multiplayer, according to ViewerAnon it will be released before the third chapter of the saga. As for Uncharted, the historic PlayStation exclusive, it seems that the US company will no longer be taking care of it but that a new team will take care of it. We remind you that all the information presented here comes from a leaker who, although reliable, has not yet received confirmation from those directly involved; aware of this we just have to wait for official news.

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