The Last of Us Part I, la Firefly Edition arriva anche in Europa

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La Firefly Edition di The Last of Us Part 1, until now made available only in the United States, will finally arrive in Europe in January 2023, more specifically on the 26th of the month. The news was confirmed by N. The title is currently available for pre-order only on the German site of PlayStation Direct, and costs €109,99.

Thanks to our partners at PlayStation for getting #TheLastofUsPartI Firefly Edition to more fans!

— Naughty Dog (@Naughty_Dog) December 22, 2022

The circuit PlayStation Direct in Europe it is only available in a few countries, among which they fall Germany e UK. It is not clear at the moment if and when the Firefly Edition di The Last of Us Part 1 will arrive in other countries of the continent. This special edition of the game comes with a steelbook case, but it doesn't contain the Blu-Ray, but a code to redeem the product on PlayStation Store. The only other physical content in the box is the comic The Last of Us American Dream. All the other features that differentiate the Firefly Edition of the game from the original are about the gameplay. In this special edition the crafting and healing speed are increased, as well as the reload speed of some weapons. Also, the use of fire arrows has been revised. The Dither Punk filter and Speedrun mode were then added, as well as some weapon skins.

At the moment, therefore, all that remains is to wait for confirmations from Naughty Dog regarding the arrival of The Last of Us Parte 1 Firefly Edition outside the circuit PlayStation Direct.


Fonte: PlayStation Direct Germania
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