The Last Oricru - Review of a failed attempt

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The world of modern video games is now dotted with Soulslike and the like who try (very often in vain) to carve out a slice of the public in this "niche", which is not even so much anymore. The Last Oricru tries, does his best to amaze the audience, but unfortunately the claims of the Czech development team GoldKnights they are outside their portfolio, in strict terms of the term. In fact, to develop an action RPG that has such great goals, huge amounts of money are needed to create each element of the game, which in this case has not obviously happened. relegating the title to a mere "I would like but I can't".

Silver and your story

You will play a character named Silver, who will die at the beginning of your game to wake up shortly after with the narrating voice of what looks like a computerized avatar. The avatar is simply defined La Voce, and will lead Silver on a daring adventure in a fantasy world which, however, possesses strange technological elements.

On the world of Wardenia there is a war in progress, and the protagonist will choose from time to time the unfolding of it: this involves a non-linear story, shaped by the choices of the protagonist, and which consequently can vary from player to player. The idea of ​​proposing a non-linear Mass Effect-style story is interesting, but it clashes with the aforementioned reality: we need a production rich in money that can give depth to the choices that the player makes, which basically does not happen in The Last Oricru, where in a nutshell the choices are limited to being part of one faction or the other.

Upon death, Silver finds himself reborn in technological contraptions that in fact make him immortal, and the man begins to understand that the world in which he plays is linked to a spaceship, and that the mystery to be solved is probably that.

Out of time

Speaking of the technical sector, The Last Oricru is a raft that takes on water: environments devoid of details, texture to one resolution which could be considered that of two generations ago, enemies with polygonal models bordering on ridicule, and their problem is that in movements they are so much slow and mundane that really, to be hit and hurt in the game you have to commit. All this would already be enough to make you turn off the game but there is more: the frame rate it goes from a medium level to a low level when you have long framed shots and at least four or five enemies who, if they were engaged in a skirmish between them, they will always repeat the same moves making the game look like a ridiculous plethora of people pretending to fight (with the knowledge that no one will get hurt).

You will find yourself in to laugh of certain situations, such as polygons that interpenetrate to the point that you might see the solution to an environmental puzzle just by sticking your head into a door that does not open, and consequently understand how to open it. In terms of customization we are dealing with the classic armor set consisting of six elements plus weapons or shields, each full of bonuses or malus depending on the type.

There is no real class in the game, let's say that this is defined based on where you will put the points that are obtained by spending credits, which simulate classic Souls souls. Consequently, you will use a magic staff if you want to be a sorcerer or you will carry a heavy weapon if you choose the path of strength.

Zero fun

Unfortunately, The Last Oricru is not funindeed in a certain sense pulls several laughs, but for the wrong reasons: The game tries to take itself seriously, but then explodes into a plethora of platitudes and scenes already seen. A multiplayer mode is not enough which can involve with combos and sometimes even interesting ideas to save the mess created (but making the game even easier).

Unfortunately The Last Oricru confirms itself as a poor production of money, which if it had been there most likely would have made the difference to realize those ideas that remained pending and make the game worthy: it has not been so, and we have a product on our hands. Out of time, with serious gaps in terms of storytelling and incredible holes from a technical point of view. In case it wasn't enough to be almost completely invincible in terms of hits suffered, know that the damage you will do to the enemy will always be so huge that a couple of hits are enough to knock out anyone. The developers tried their best but unfortunately the title did not convince pad in your hand, leaving that sense of inadequacy to the point that you may wonder why you are playing it. An experience to forget.

  • The Last Oricru (Tested on PS5) 4 Final Vote

    The Last Oricru is an action RPG that mixes mechanics of titles that are inspired as the soulslike by mechanics of games like Mass Effect. The title offers a non-linear story, enriched by a multiplayer sector that allows you to live a nice experience, but nothing more. The Last Oricru makes water on all sides with badly generated enemies and movements of the latter to the limit of ridicule, totally unable to arouse the slightest fright to the player. Flat and lacking from an aesthetic point of view, The Last Oricru turns out to be a game that "would have liked" but which in fact "failed", most likely thanks to a production not up to par with the objectives set.

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