The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Guide on how to earn Rupees fast

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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening it's definitely one of the coolest games you can have on Nintendo Switch. The title, in fact, has returned to the limelight after years, so as to allow new users to rediscover a real videogame pearl. The most historical fans will know perfectly well that a currency that unites all Link's adventures is the Rupees, in this guide we will explain how to earn them quickly and honestly.

Become an expert gardener: the first thing you have to do, after recovering the sword, is to get a shovel (perhaps stealing it) from the village shop. Once done you will have a sword and spade to cut the grass and dig holes. These two simple operations will allow you to find numerous rupees among the vegetation.

Play with skill: Within the same village there is a building that contains a minigame. This is the most classic mechanical arm that we find in any arcade. The cost is 10 rupees per game but you can win the purple rupee which is worth the beauty of 50 normal. Be careful because if you fail too often the gain will be useless.

How nice to fish: as in any self-respecting Japanese game, fishing cannot be missed, and in this case it will really help you. Thanks to the fish, especially the bigger ones, you will be able to get up to 50 rupees by spending 10 each time you start this minigame.

Kill as many enemies as possible: it is useless to tell you this, but even the enemies that regenerate automatically and frequently in the game world donate rupees to defeat, although they will not always do so in most cases. Use this in your favor especially when you are empowered to accumulate as much currency as possible.

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