The Lord of Rings: Gollum, finally presented the gameplay

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The Lord of the Rings: Gollum was recently the protagonist of a gameplay video that showed the new branded game Daedalic Entertainment to action during the presentation of the Nacon Connect, with a video that you can admire on the cover of the article in order to discover the "deeds" of Gollum in stile stealth.

We are talking about a work that has been talked about for a long time now, and that between one bad news and another, however, is continuing to be developed, with in fact the video showing remarkable progress compared to what we have seen so far, although certainly the stealth system will not please several players, with the title that consequently could become a niche.

In the course of the video it is possible to see the well-known character de The Lord of the Rings go from a stealth phase to the other by distracting enemies by sneaking from one side to the other, also showing some pretty interesting views, while doing everything in order not to be discovered by the guards.

It remains of course to find out if the phases in question will be fun, and what will be all the contents of the new adventure, which in fact has not yet shown much of itself and hides many details about what will be the adventures that the players will find themselves in. to live.

Fortunately, during the new video and the conference the game was not postponed, and consequently the release date of the1 September 2022, as we have had the opportunity to learn more about in this article.

We obviously hope that this does not occur within some time, and that consequently in the space of only a couple of months there is a way to be able to put our hands on the experience in question and to live the stealth-themed Gollum adventures, with more details on the work that should be revealed within some time.

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