The Lord of the Rings: Amazon explains why it canceled the MMO

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These days, thanks to the homonymous TV series released on Prime Video, we are back to talking about de The Lord of the Rings, and especially his own MMO dedicated. As we all know, the project linked to it did not see its cancellation before the release itself, inspiring numerous reflections and speculations both from fans and attentive observers of the contemporary market.

Confirmation of this cancellation, arrived last April, placing a clear line on all the work developed in collaboration with Atholn Games (subsidiary of Leyou Technologies) throughout the previous period. Based on what is reported by Bloomberg, it would seem that the reasons, or one of these, behind the aforementioned elimination is to be found in some clashes in the relationship between Amazon and Tencent (eminence in the Chinese technology sector, above Leyou herself, following a recent acquisition which took place in 2020).

To confirm this there is a recent interview, a GameSpot, of Christoph Hartmann (president of Amazon Games), in which he confirmed the problems of the contract with partners in the event of an acquisition, apparently there was a clause linked to the Middle-Heart Enterprises that the rights agreement could have been canceled if one of the partners had been vested. Hence the complication of relations with Tencent and the subsequent failure in the negotiation phase.

Fonte: GameSpot Via: VGC
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