The Quarry used the same technology chosen for Thanos

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The Quarry, a horror video game developed by Supermassive Games and released on June 10 this year, used the same technology with which Marvel Studios animated Thanos in films that have made box office history such as Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

To reveal this very interesting detail concerning the development was Aruna Inversin, creative director of digital effects for Digital Domain, during a very long interview with the Washington Post. This technology, as mentioned, we have already had the opportunity to see it on Thanos, but never in a video game.

It was, therefore, a debut in all respects. Basically, it's a new motion capture called Masquerade 2.0 which was implemented specifically for The Quarry. Thanks to it, it was possible to make better animations on the screen, especially of the face but also of the body. In short, an extraordinary result.

Thanks to Masquerade 2.0, Digital Domain was able to scan the faces of all the actors involved in the title. Then, the team proceeded to generate the entire head of each interpreter, and this was the most creative part of the whole process. One of the problems with motion capture is that some animations were lost, but thanks to a new AI that created them automatically, this was fixed.

A small step for The Quarry, but a huge step for the gaming industry, who will benefit from this new technology, not forgetting, however, to thank Thanos. Without him, in fact, we would have had none of this.

In particular, Inversin wanted to dwell on the interpretation of Ted Raimi, who played the role of Sheriff Travis:

This is the performance that Ted Raimi did and you see it in the game. That's his flickering lip and that's his way of looking around him, no animator stepped in to fix anything. You know, that's what he did on stage.

Fonte: Washington Post
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