The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 sequels are official

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The future of the saga The Witcher in the world of video games promises great things, with CD Projekt which has recently confirmed the work on three new projects dedicated to the series, one of which is a trilogy.

In the full document, CD Projekt made it known that he had clear ideas about the future of the franchise. The first game, codenamed Project Polaris, will be realized internally by CD Projekt and they would already be working on it over 150 people.

The second project unveiled by CD Projekt is Project Sirius, which "tells an unforgettable story for the fans," followed by the third project Major Dog Project, for an Story-driven open world role-playing game.

But not only: also cyberpunk 2077 will have a sequel, a game that CD Projekt RED had hinted at in the past but now it's official.

Orion is the code name for the next Cyberpunk game, which will carry the franchise forward and continue to harness the potential of this dark future universe.

At the moment there are no further confirmations, nor the release dates of these four projects currently under development. The hope is that as early as 2023 we will be able to learn more: we will always keep you updated on our pages only.

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