The Witcher Sirius sarà procedurale e multiplayer

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Suddenly yesterday CD Project Red revealed his plans for Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher, and a new game. Taking Project Sirius in detail, which many already call The Witcher Sirius, the game seems to have unraveled a bit due to the list of roles sought for job positions within the Polish company.

The Witcher Sirius will be developed by the team in Massachusetts The Molasses Flood, and CD Project Red will have the supervisory role. What is striking, however, is that among the roles sought, there are requests related to generated settings procedurally and multiplayer.

All this can be summed up with the fact that the new game from The Witcher, developed in outsourcing, could in all respects surprise long-time fans. If indeed The Witcher, with its three chapters, had accustomed us to a classic single player (even if the fantasy setting and the game style immediately captured gamers thanks to its originality), this Sirius could have procedural components (like Roguelike games / Roguelike, for example) and one multiplayer component (hardly asynchronous, given the procedural nature, but probably cooperative or competitive, in the style of Dark Souls). Obviously these are pure theories, since The Molasses Flood could surprise us with a new style, in pure tradition of the brand.

Source: GamesRadar
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