The Witcher: the new game will not arrive before 2025

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If there is one thing we have learned in recent years, especially in the videogame field, it is that the rush to publish a product can lead to atrocious technical disasters. Witnesses to us, and protagonists of the most striking case of recent years, were the boys of CD Project RED, with that Cyberpunk 2077 that only this year has managed to gain the favor of the public. It is therefore not surprising that today the same studio announced that the new The Witcher, currently in the early stages of production, will not see the light for three years. Specifically, there has been talk of 2025 and beyond as an estimated period.

This was declared by the CEO of CD Projekt RED, adam kicinski, during a conversation with investors: the game would be, as just mentioned, in a very embryonic phase of development, and that many of the reasons for the long timescales are also linked to the use of the new graphics engine U (pretty much the only news we've been given about the game since its announcement).

In short, we have long years before we can know more, which we hope will be full of information not only on the classic gameplay, but also on the narration and, who knows, maybe a new protagonist to check.

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