The Witcher: what we expect from the new next-gen saga

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The return of today is news CD Projekt RED at the center of attention thanks to a pleasant announcement, ready to excite all those who are still hungry for the beloved brand of The Witcher, and who have appreciated the products that have arrived on the market, including books, films, series and above all games. Today we talk about the latter, given that the developer has confirmed the expansion of the epic in U, a non-proprietary technology of the company as opposed to the RED engine, and ready to be used thanks to a collaboration with epic Games. The Witcher will come back in version next-gen so, it's official, and whether it's called The Witcher 4 or not is not yet known, but we can already expect productions ready to take your breath away.

After the rumors had already anticipated that the game was in development for some time, the company was able to clarify the situation, but unfortunately the information in our possession is rather limited. The company, however, in announcing the new saga has released a teaser image featuring one of this world's iconic medallions, which leaves a glimpse of what we will be able to see in the new The Witcher next-gen.

A new medallion, a new saga

As it is easy to see, this time we do not have the classic medallion of Wolf to anticipate the events that will take place in the new chapter and in subsequent ones. What appears in a snowy landscape could in fact recall the School of the Cat, known in the tales of this immense narrative universe. A taste of these contents has already been present in the course of the various stories, not only for what concerns the games, although obviously everything has been treated in a lesser way than what happened with the events of Kaer Morhen. Although it seems more and more obvious that Geralt Of Rivia he will not be the protagonist of this adventure, so we can venture to say that the focus could shift to further narratives. Obviously it is still possible that the events told in this new chapter are very close to the story of Geralt and the adventures we already know. It is therefore not to be excluded that, while telling new stories, CD Projekt RED does not decide to continue developing some of the mysteries of the first three chapters.

As for the Cat School, which could represent the next-gen of The Witcher, fortunately the information in our possession is not few. It is in fact known that this comes from students who have created a decidedly less formal regime, based on agility and with very different principles compared to what we saw with the Wolves of Kaer Morhen that we are now used to knowing. We talk, for example, of the possibility of to educate women and non-pureblood humans to turn them into soldiers, with big changes also as regards the initiation rites, the training and the principles of the Witchers that are part of this creed.

It is not just narrative information, since, imagining that The Witcher 4 really presents itself with this type of insights, we could have some big changes also for what concerns the gameplay. As many fans will know, members of the Cat School base combat on agility, precision and speed, with equipment designed more to ensure free movement than to enhance their combat performance. The fact remains that given their dexterity, the Witchers in question are more stealthy and ready to hit enemies at critical points, not forgetting to resort to subterfuges and gadgets as long as necessary, an event that also happens during The Witcher 3.

This therefore means that, in the next chapter, the gameplay criticized by many users and considered subdued compared to the rest could take very different turns. From a more layered open world, to the possibility of customize a protagonist in the best possible way of which we know nothing and which could also be born thanks to an editor, it cannot be excluded that the developer decides to provide users with many more alternatives in battle. Surely, exploring alternatives of this type would have a way of making the saga much more interesting even for those who have already deepened all the adventures of this narrative universe, although there is obviously to see what the true path will be taken by CD Projekt for the next game and for the moment the known news are nothing short of narrow.

Nor should it be ruled out that all these details only fuel the possibility that a to take the scepter of this very important saga is Princess Cirillethe Characteristic, a fighter with tremendously strong powers. This has had the opportunity to mature a lot in the last chapter, and imagining that the new adventure is a sequel with Ciri as the protagonist, or at least one of the characters, we would be faced with an idea that is anything but discarded. The princess has been able to provide variety to the last chapter, and depending on how the events will be carried out and will distance themselves from the books or not, between changes and more in-depth topics, it could be the best choice for CD Projekt RED.

What if it wasn't the Cat School? 

As mentioned, the period in which the events of the new chapter will take place is not known, and it is because of what a small detail could be explained. The medallion anticipated by the developer is reminiscent of a feline, more than it resembles all other schools compared to that of the wolf at least, but it may not be a cat that shows up in the picture. The theories of the fans arrived in these first hours have in fact connected the medallion unveiled for the next-gen of The Witcher to the Lynx School, not canonical and born thanks to the fans, but potentially used by the authors to create a new chapter with already solid foundations.

This would be born following the extinction of the School of the Wolf, with the remaining members who have separated, and with principles born from the School of the Cat, with the aim of evolving the latter to the maximum. The stories tell of somewhat similar combat approaches, designed to ensure maximum speed of movement, and imagining a chapter that wants to distance itself from the books and that could be set many years after the ending of The Witcher 3, even this further theory is not certainly to be excluded. However, it remains to imagine that it could be totally different bases, or perhaps a further symbol, given that the developer could still have the opportunity to imagine completely new stories to expand the next saga.

Arriva l’Unreal Engine 5

Another detail not to be overlooked is the new engine that will be exploited by the company together with Epic Games to give life to all the next games in the saga. Up to now the developer with the RED Engine has certainly not done a bad job, given the graphic quality of Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3, which in some places they both really take your breath away, but it must be said that compromises were not lacking, along with real disasters. L'U it is now used by more and more studies, and it is clear that the Fortnite house has given life to a graphics engine open to all with infinite possibilities, and it is therefore not strange that CD Projekt has also decided to invest in the latter.

The engine could be the real key formula to make The Witcher next-gen from the soul, with new mechanics that will be implemented and with an open world that at best will be superlative compared to all those seen up to till today. This would further improve the possibilities of the authors regarding news and activities in the vast game worlds full of possibilities. On the graphic and technical side then, especially after what happened in some ways with Cyberpunk 2077, the author has a lot to prove, and luckily this could be the perfect weapon to regain the public's trust with a technically and visually flawless work.

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