The Wolf Among Us 2: first photos, here's how Telltale recovered from the collapse

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That the development of The Wolf Among Us 2 was still in progress is known, but the silence that has been created around the game in the last two years, after that big appearance at the 2019 Game Awards has been nothing short of deafening. To break this unspoken situation came an interview with Game Informer colleagues a Telltale Games, which in addition to checking the state of the work, also gave us some little background on how the company was saved from the total collapse, but also the first photos dedicate a The Wolf Among Us 2.

The "rebirth" of Telltale, according to the article, it can be summarized simply in a new leadership and in an Engine more suited to your needs (in fact, we have switched toUnreal Engine, after the proprietary engine proved to be an excellent tool, but one that took too long to get the most out of).

All this, especially this last part, has ensured that planning and works began to be managed to the best of their ability, both in terms of quality and timing. In addition, the time available (more than 8 weeks) to create an episode, gave the developers the opportunity to give the right priorities to the various aspects of the game, technical and creative.

As we said at the beginning, new photos dedicated to The Wolf Among Us 2 have also been revealed. The first, which you see below, presents the models of the never too loved ones. bigby e Snow, while the second, placed later in the news, is one of the concept art dedicated to this new game.

We do not yet know when the first episode of the game will be released, however the statements of the studio bode well, especially thanks to a renewed creative confidence and above all a great desire to propose this new adventure to the public. Passion, as Telltale has always been able to show us, is the first thing.

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