Titanfall 3 coming? Respawn Entertainment seems to have confirmed this

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Respawn Entertainment could be working on a new title specifically single player, set in the Apex Legends universe e Titanfall, for which developers are being sought.

Apex Legends is a title free-to-play battle royale published by Electronic Arts and set in turn in the same universe as Titanfall. Given the huge success of Apex Legends, however, the new game that may be in development will have a scenario inspired by the free game rather than the inspirational primary titles. In this case, Respawn is looking for the figure of Senior Engine e System Engineer to be included in the team for the "design, construction and maintenance of technologies that allow the team to create engaging gameplay and fantastic experiences".

A report had been published a while ago, which hinted that Respawn was working on a new single player title.

Titanfall developer Respawn is recruiting for 'a brand new single-player adventure' set in the Apex Legends universe.https://t.co/QoG2nirccL

— Andy Robinson (@AndyPlaytonic) July 10, 2022

After reading the first part of the description in the job posting, it is specified that you are looking for people to be included in the workforce who have already done experience with FPS titles in the Apex universe. For this reason, fans and those who have analyzed the job announcement immediately launched into the idea that a new single player title, set in the universe of Apex Legends and Titanfall, is in development and could be presented to players in the next years.

Some fans have speculated that, rather than a brand new and not yet announced project, it is the sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, or rather Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (of which the presentation teaser trailer was recently released), but the announcement and the timing would suggest something new set in the universe of Apex Legends, especially given the specificity of the indication for the search for workers.

Recall that, from March 29, 2022, Apex Legends has also been made available for next-gen consoles. The versioni per PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X/S have been announced on the official Twitter accounts of EA and Respawn Entertainment and, in them, have been inserted all the new features and options available, along with instructions to download the updated version of the title for the brand new platforms.

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