Top 10 Free Key Mapping Software for Windows 10

Top 10 Free Key Mapping Software for Windows 10

The keyboard is one of the most crucial parts of a computer, without which it is almost impossible to access the system. Yes, we have touch screen computers today, but very few of us use these systems. For some, it can be difficult to use the usual QWERTY format in the way they are already organized. But if you want to customize the keyboard to your needs, you can use a key mapping software.

For example, you may want to replace the position of the "Tab" key with the "Ctrl" key, you can use programs to remap them. You can also add new custom keys or disable any key for added convenience, such as disabling the "Fn" button. Also, there are times when some of your keys may have stopped working making typing difficult. While using a macro tool can help you remap keys or use a shortcut service, they must be saved in system memory for them to always work.

Therefore, using a key mapping tool may be the best alternative as you don't need a process to run the wallpaper for this to work. Here we have listed some of the best key mapping software programs that you can use instead of 3rd party tools.

Top 10 Free Key Mapping Software for Windows 10

If you're having trouble re-mapping your keyboard keys, SharpKeys does the job for you. It can change the way the different keys work, efficiently. For example, if you have difficulty with one of the keys like accidentally pressing the "Fn" key every time you want to press the "Ctrl" key, you can disable it or change its function to a different key.

The software helps you map up to 104 different types of combinations! It's a much simpler tool to get started with a blank interface to work on. It only shows the changes made unless you hit the “Add” option to start remapping a new key. The interface is then divided into two vertical panes one of which shows “From Keys”, and the other shows “To Keys”.

You can now select the “From Key” from the list on the left and move it to the “A Key” on the right where it is mapped. However, since not all of the keys listed may not be available on your keyboard, you can make your choice by pressing the “Type Key” option and then pressing the physical key you want to select. You must complete the process by pressing the “Write to registry” option and wait for the registry to confirm the correct mapping. Now close the application and exit or restart to apply the new mappings.

Price: free

Top 10 Free Key Mapping Software for Windows 10

Keytweak is one of the key mapping software programs that allows you to remap keyboard keys. It allows you to edit all mapped keys, toggle keys on / off, and even store alignment with just one click. When starting the software user interface, it shows the keyboard alignment in association with a series of buttons and commands. Here you can assign each key as per your needs and place it next to a command or just leave it blank to turn it off. At the end of the mapping, the keys memorize the command and activate the software function. From here on, the keyboard starts mapping according to the set alignment.

Whether it's for the safety of your system, simply to redefine the keys to run a program, or if you need them to play, there are many reasons why remapping can be useful using this software. Alternatively, key remapping is also useful in case one of the keys is damaged and has stopped working.

Price: free

Top 10 Free Key Mapping Software for Windows 10

If you are looking to configure your keyboard, Key Mapper is the right tool that can help you. Using this software, you can remap the keyboard keys as per your choice. For example, you can change the function of a key (Caps Lock) to work like another (for example, Ctrl) or any other function that may not even be present on the keyboard.

This free application is available for Windows 2000 and earlier versions. It is a lightweight program that doesn't take up much storage space compared to many other similar programs. It features various keyboard models (preset), such as with a numeric keypad that is not present in most laptop keyboards, Mac keyboard or typewriter keys alone.

To map a key, all you need to do is use the software's key capture function or simply choose a key from the list and prepare a new mapping. Wondering how to use the key acquisition function? All you have to do is choose the desired key and press the setting button, choose a group of keys and a key from the list and press the map button. Now, the virtual keyboard will show you a new key which replaces the old one.

If you want to disable the mapped key later, you can easily do this by simply pulling it out of the keyboard. Besides, you can also change the key attributes such as color, add the toggle function to the key menu, choose another language and much more.

Price: free

Top 10 Free Key Mapping Software for Windows 10

Most keyboard mapping programs take up considerable storage space. However, MapKeyboard is really small and one of the best key mapping software programs around that takes up only 30KB in file size. You can easily customize your keyboard layout settings using this free software, despite the missing hotkey feature.

The program interface is very similar to the usual keyboard image which is easy to use by most users. It is easy to use and easy to understand even for beginners. It allows you to override a key function using an output keys drop-down menu. What's more? It also allows you to create different layouts that match your needs.

Besides, you can also quickly return to the actual keyboard layout with just one click which helps to reset the keyboard. Overall, it's handy software and offers an easy way to customize your keyboards.

Price: free

Top 10 Free Key Mapping Software for Windows 10

Key Remapper by ATNSOFT is one such key remapping software that allows you to disable mouse keys / buttons / mouse wheel rotations and even remap them. It also performs counter remapping of keys and mouse buttons. It basically modifies their functions. For example, you can change Left Shift and Caps Lock and other similar combinations.

It also allows you to replace certain mouse keys or buttons with a combination of mouse keys or buttons with modifiers. For example, the "Alt" key can be replaced with a combination function such as "Alt + Tab", etc. You can also mirror the double mouse button and key presses and fix a certain interval between hits.

In addition, it allows you to lock keys, mouse buttons or mouse wheel rotation along with their combinations with different modifiers. Not only that, it also limits the remapping and blocking functions to certain programs and Windows. It also helps you quickly create and switch between sets of keys, in just two clicks.

Price: Free license available; the upgrade starts at $ 49,95

Top 10 Free Key Mapping Software for Windows 10

AutoHotkey is very different from the other top key mapping software on the list. It is a very powerful and easy to learn application. It lets you assign keyboard and mouse hotkeys, remap keys or buttons, and even offers auto-correct type swaps. The software makes it incredibly easier to create simple hotkeys in just a few lines.

This free and open source software comes with a dedicated scripting language for Windows that helps you to create scripts from small to more complex, effortlessly. It helps you create scripts for all kinds of tasks which include filling out forms, macros, and more.

If you are a beginner, it offers you a built-in command. And, if you are a professional, you will appreciate even more the expert scripting language for rapid prototyping and limited projects. The program gives you much more flexibility to automate any desktop task. It is compact, fast and ready to use.

It comes with a simple and adaptable syntax that helps you stay focused more on the task than focusing on each of the technical aspects.

Price: free and open source

Top 10 Free Key Mapping Software for Windows 10

If you are looking to customize your keyboard layout from scratch, Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator may be your best bet. It helps you define the keyboard layout in a language not supported by Microsoft, quickly, easily and effectively. You can also create your own keyboard layout which helps you quickly and easily replace your favorite symbols with just a few keystrokes.

While it helps you define new keyboard layouts right from the start, it also helps you create a new layout on top of the current one. It also allows you to edit a current keyboard layout file and create a new layout from it. Also, save subsequent keyboard layout results for further use and installation.

Price: free

Top 10 Free Key Mapping Software for Windows 10

ATNSOFT's Key Manager is another product in their range which is an advanced version of their Key Remapper. It offers far more features than just remapping mouse keys and buttons. For example, this software also allows you to remap mouse button and key combinations, mouse keys and button layouts, and even long presses.

You can choose to view your actions in pop-up menu modules that can be launched with hotkeys, edit, record, paste content, run macros, and much more. Imitating mouse clicks, opening websites, changing layouts, instantly filling out forms, or checking your monitor's power settings are some of the other things you can choose to view.

Price: Free license available; the upgrade starts at $ 49.

Top 10 Free Key Mapping Software for Windows 10

If you are planning to extend your key functions, KeyExtender can be of great help to you. Helps you make keyboard alignment more comfortable for working or playing. It's not all! You can also change your usual keyboard format (102) to a cross-functional keyboard without spending much of your funds. Whether you want to replace the A key with the E key on your keyboard, you want to add the Crtl + V function to a single key such as the "Tab" or the F9 key types frequently used text, the software is suitable to be careful of all this and more.

The interface is simple, compact and non-resizable and is relatively much easier to use and understand. Use drop-down menus to change the way a key works. It also allows you to easily define hotkeys using the Settings options and enable or disable the software impact on the keyboard. Overall, if you are looking for expert remapping software, KeyExtender can be the solution.

Price: Free trial available; priced at $ 19,95

Keyboard Layout Manager is dynamic software that offers an impressive range of fonts for use in different languages ​​or specific areas. This program offers the opportunity to map almost any required character to one of your favorite keyboard keys and define custom layouts.

It is a lightweight application and it is quite compact and only acquires up to 1MB of disk space. As it reduces system resource usage, it automatically becomes lightweight on your computer. You can select from a range of options from the main window, for example, language or layout, including the keyboard you are using. Plus, you can even create a new strain, in case you don't want to mess with the current ones.

The virtual keyboard offered by the program is fully supported and you are also free to use any key besides the main function buttons. allows you to assign a character using up to three mouse clicks. What's more? It also gives you the opportunity to use all key combinations that help you map up to 6 characters to each button.

Overall, it's a robust tool that helps you map keyboard keys easily and effectively.

Price: Free trial available; shareware

While many of us are comfortable with the usual QWERTY layout of our keyboards, there are many who prefer it to be their way. So, if you are one of the latter and are looking for one of the best key mapping software, this post is for you. Make a choice from the list and the map keys quickly and easily with your chosen software.

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