Top 10 Free Whois Lookup Software

Top 10 Free Whois Lookup Software

Researching the details of a website online is a common practice. Whether you are a programmer, an individual or an entrepreneur, finding the website owner is the primary concern. Whois is one such program that stores Internet record details that help find out who owns the domain.

Hence the name, Who-is. Stores all contact details relating to an individual, group or business wishing to register a domain name. Typically, the record consists of the registrant's name and contact details and those of the registrar. It also contains other details like registration and expiration dates, recent updates and more. Whois is based on one of the two data models in which the details are stored: thick model and thin model.

However, searching for domain information online using Whois can be time-consuming, and as a result, Whois lookup software can be a smarter solution. These programs not only save you time but also help you find the exact details of a domain or IP address along with site registration details and many other crucial details. Here we have listed some of the best free Whois lookup software for you to choose from.

Top 10 Free Whois Lookup Software

WhoisCL is another well-known Whois lookup software available for free. This command line tool is lightweight and affordable that works as a great alternative to searching for a domain detail online. This helps you to collect accurate administrator and registrant data as well as other technical details.

The software saves a good amount of time by not requiring any of the activities that you would otherwise be doing online. For example, you save time by opening your browser, browsing the website, adding your domain name, and then waiting for the details to appear. Therefore, it is much faster in terms of generating results than the online process.

It is also super user-friendly since all you have to do is start the program, enter the domain name and hit the "Enter" key. All the details about the website will be displayed in the blink of an eye. From information associated with the registry domain ID, registrar URL, name, email ID or phone number to location details, such as street, city, contact details, etc. ., Offers all the details.

Price: free

It is a compact Whois lookup tool that helps you find complete details on a website. It is especially useful for those who want to find WHOIS and DNS information for a specific domain or IP address. You can also extract the contact details of the domain owner.

The best part is that it comes with a clean interface with minimal configuration options. Although there is no support guide available, the dedicated specifications can be easily adjusted. This will help save you the time and effort that would otherwise go into the whole process.

All you need to do is simply add a working domain or IP address in the main panel and you will have the option to get WHOIS and DNS details. You can also paste the details collected by third party programs. The software shows the IP address, network name, owner and other details just by tapping the “WHOIS” option. It also displays information such as the network name, address with city, country and postcode, and more. What's more? You can also transfer the data to the clipboard by clicking once.

Overall, it is fast in executing a task without errors and also fast in generating data.

Price: free

If you are looking for a useful software program that is also lightweight, WHOIS Utility might be your solution. It helps you to detect IP address, domain name and registration details of any website. Moreover, it also helps you to identify the owner of the domain. SOCKS 4, SOCKS 5 and HTTPS are the proxies supported by the tool.

This tool is widely used to search databases as a query and response protocol. The software works from the machine's command line interpreter and comes with an easy to use interface. The simple interface allows you to work peacefully. The best part is that it is fast and therefore completes tasks in a lot less time. In addition, it also displays all the required details regarding the IP address and domain.

Price: free

NetToolSet is free software that offers a number of benefits particularly suitable for network administrators. The set of tools offered by the program are carefully selected to help identify the most sought after details regarding a particular domain and IP address.

This software is a complete package that scans domains and IP addresses efficiently. It features simple a few simple yet super efficient amenities, each of which works independently. Ping, DNS lookup, IP or traceroute and domain WhoIs are some of the functions that can be performed from a central administration forum.

It comes with a clear and simple, yet responsive interface that serves up all the options while it loads. The utilities are neatly arranged in tabs that allow you to quickly search for the required option for a task. In addition, the cards work separately and thus the units work independently.

In fact, even the details cannot be shared with each other. While the Ping tool can help you measure response time, Traceroute ++ offers a tracking feature combined with a ping option that helps identify any problems with network usage. Whether you want to find an IP address or domain name or use the Blacklist Finder to look up host names, there is a lot it can do.

Price: free

Finding Whois information is a breeze with IP WhoIs Lookup. It helps you to detect the IP address and consequently helps you to find the website owner and his contact details. Not only that, it also populates the RIR (Regional Internet Registry) details of the IP assignee, owner, contact and location. In addition, it also identifies the total number of IP addresses included in the block or the number of blocks assigned to the owner of the IP address.

The results generated by the WHOIS IP help you identify the right person to contact in case you want to connect to the owner of the IP address. Perhaps you will be presented with the ISP details assigned to the owner of the IP address. You can also stay safe from spammers and hackers by using the abuse details in the database.

Price: free

When looking for the best free Whois lookup software, BePing is a must. It comes with the usual ping, multi-ping, IP translation, whois lookup, traceroute, customizable data-to-ping and more which helps you get easier pings. The multi-ping option simply pings the number of times making sure it achieves an accurate average.

Price: free

Those looking for complete details regarding the registration, domain name or owner or IP address of the domain can easily trust this tool. This freeware connects to Whois servers to collect all required details along with other benefits of being a computer app.

It comes with a user-friendly interface which is also lightweight and offers a few tools. Above all, it does not involve any complex installation procedures. It's so simple that all you have to do is enter the domain name or IP address in the search field and the website generates the results. It also generates registration details along with more details that you otherwise won't get with a simple search.

The software calls up details such as the domain name, server information, registrant information and much more. You can find their location, address, company or registrant ID when prompted. It also offers the registrant's contact details in case you need to contact him. What's more? The data included in the software can be copied into the text editor.

Price: free

Win32Whois is another great free Whois lookup tool that helps you find detailed domain information. Generate details like domain name, domain owner, registration information, IP address and more. The software works on the Whois servers to extract the IP address details along with the domain name. Apart from that, it also generates details like domain expiration date, address, IP block, contact information and DNS server and so on.

Among its main features are resumable downloads, support for transfer encryption, HTTP and FTP verification, option to enter username / password, option for download in the absence of file size and much more.

Price: free

Bulk Whois Finder is simple but efficient freeware that helps you get complete details about a domain and its owner. It helps you to get the registration details, expiration dates, recently updated time, company name and much more of the domain. It comes with an interface that works on the MS Office ribbon, which means that all of its features can be easily accessed by users.

The main window of the software is divided into a ribbon, the category list and the main view section of the obtained data. Once the scan of the selected domains is complete, it populates all data in a table format. This process allows you to find the exact data you are looking for.

Furthermore, through the software, it is possible to manually select the data columns to be displayed. The best part is that you can even export the obtained data in different formats. This helps you use the data with other programs. You can save reports in major formats like TXT, DOC, PDF and others.

Price: free

While there are many other Whois lookup tools available, these free tools are much more competitive. Easily find all your domain and domain owner details with these free software and stay on top of it.

Axence NetTools is one of the leading Whois lookup tools available for free and is perfect for both home and business users. Comes with a set of 10 popular useful tools around the world. These tools can be used for network scanning and checking.

In addition to the search capabilities, it also offers other features such as Netwatch which tracks the response time and availability of different hosts and sends alerts whenever there is a problem with the availability of the host. The network scanner, on the other hand, detects systems connected to the network. Furthermore, it also identifies all active services on detected devices.

WinTools offer real-time preview of processes and services, remote registry editor, details on memory, hard drives and so on. It also comes with a viewer that shows data for TCP and UDP services, detects custom protocols, and more. NetStat, Local Info, BandWidth, Traceroute or NetCheck, are some of its other main features that help diagnose and monitor different aspects of the network.

Price: free

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