Top 12 best graphics cards for Windows 10 computers

Top 12 best graphics cards for Windows 10 computers

Unless you are looking for something extraordinary, the first thing you should look for when buying a graphics card is the budget. With the recent addition of high-quality graphics cards like Nvidia's RTX 2060 Super or RTX 2070 Super, there is no shortage of big gamers these days. However, these are priced over $ 1000 and may not fit everyone's budget.

But, with the release of these high-end cards, there has also been an automatic drop in the price of older cards. This means that if you are looking for an older graphics card at a cheaper price, this is the best time. However, you also need to consider performance while selecting the right graphics card. But it can be more confusing if you've recently bought a 4K gaming monitor.

We simplify the purchase decision with our choice of the best PC graphics card.

Top 12 best graphics cards for Windows 10 computers

Powered by the popular NVIDIA Turing architecture, the GeForce GTX 2080 Super features multiple cores, increased clocks, and fast memory that delivers first-class performance with incredible levels of realism.

It runs on the world's most advanced GPU architecture, NVIDIA Turing. It combines futuristic shaders with real-time ray tracing and a revamped AI operation. Offers futuristic shading that focuses on processing power. In addition, floating point and integer processing work simultaneously to make the GPU more efficient.

The option to record and share videos, live streaming or screenshots with friends, high quality drivers for best performance, amazing graphics effects with DirectX 12 or the option to configure the 4K gaming experience are among other worthy features of note.

Price: $ 699

Top 12 best graphics cards for Windows 10 computers

The Radeon RX 5700 is known for its stunning performance and high-precision gaming experience. This super graphics card is designed in a way that helps improve features like VR Technologies, Image Sharpness and Fidelity FX. This, in turn, offers an extraordinary gaming experience.

The Radion Anti-lag feature and AMD Radeon FreeSync1 technology give you that added edge over the competition by reducing the input tag to a great extent. This helps you with a tear-free and lag-free gaming experience. It also features updated processing units, updated guides especially suited for visual effects, and multi-level cache classification for greatly reduced latency and highly intuitive gaming.

With maximum refresh rates, color depth, resolution and frame rate, 8GB of advanced GDDR6 memory for higher bandwidth or 4.0 support, with 16 GT / s output and double bandwidth, it is undoubtedly one of the cards most popular graphics on their own.

Price: $ 349

Top 12 best graphics cards for Windows 10 computers

If you are looking for a realistic gaming experience with first-class performance, then what's better than NVIDIA graphics cards? The RTX 2080 Ti belongs to the same genre that features Turing GPU architecture, advanced technologies and 11GB of lightning-fast memory (GDDR6) making it one of the best gaming GPUs in the world.

It offers exceptional performance up to 6x compared to older graphics cards. This helps power up games with real-time ray tracing and AI. It comes with maximum overclocking capability with the futuristic 13-phase fans and 13 dual-axis blades along with the latest vapor chamber for super cool and quiet performance.

With 50 times more transfer bandwidth than previous technologies and ultra-smooth gameplay at maximum resolution, this is one of the best alternatives to get your hands on.

Price: $ 1300

Loaded with the advanced graphics performance of the Turing architecture, GTX 1660 Ti competes for the performance of GTX 1070. Moreover, it can also upgrade your PC very easily. It offers ultra-fast performance to your popular games and a faster experience for you with new titles.

It also features the simultaneous implementation of floating point and integer functions, adjustable shading technology, and the latest integrated memory architecture that comes with double the cache of the previous version. It allows you to upgrade your PC, effortlessly, and makes it game-ready with excellent performance. You can also experience superior image quality and overall performance when streaming live on Twitch or YouTube.

What's more, you can also record and share live streams, screenshots and videos with friends, keeping your GeForce drivers up-to-date and optimizing your game settings. From accelerating multi-tasking to creating professional-grade photographs, there's a lot it offers.

Price: starts from Rs. 24, 7502 hours

AMD Radeon VII comes with huge 16GB memory that leaves room for a smooth gaming experience and content creation load, efficiently. With a feature called FreeSync technology, it offers a tear-free, stutter-free gaming experience for the enthusiast.

It is the first of its kind to feature 7nm graphics. While it automatically activates AMD display technology, optimal system and display settings in just a few clicks, it also connects gaming and video streaming to your mobile device, seamlessly. It generates sharp images with almost no impact on its performance. In addition, it also reduces the input lag by using the Radeon Anti-Lag feature.

Plus, you also have access to extended controls that help you customize graphics for an enhanced gaming experience.

Price: $ 800

If you are looking for a graphics card that offers an enhanced HD gaming experience, the Radeon RX 570 may be the right choice for you. Among the world's first 7nm gaming GPUs, this graphics card also comes at a fantastic budget price.

It's made from the same silicon as the RX 580 and is the factory overclocked Sapphire Nitro + version. It contributes to intuitive gameplay and stunning graphics. Allows you to take advantage of GPU multi-threading (core technologies) using the Radeon ™ RX 580 GPU and the Radeon ™ RX 570 GPU.

Plus, it's optimized for the latest DirectX®12 titles, allowing you to make every result memorable. With up to 8 cores and 16 threads, AMD's 2nd Generation AMD Ryzen ™ processors deliver a superior gaming and streaming experience. While the Precision Boost XNUMX technology feature enables fast clock speeds, fast memory, and low latency for an excellent gaming experience, the processor is also equipped with AMD Wraith coolers that keep the system cool and noise-free.

Price: $ 740

Powered by the popular NVIDIA Turing architecture, the GeForce RTX 2070 Super comes loaded with an ultra-fast GPU. It features more cores and faster clocks which help you discover your efficiency and control over games.

Turing's architecture features unique ray tracing hardware that enables fast, real-time ray tracing using realistic shadows, lighting, reflections, etc. It also brings AI (Artificial Intelligence) into computer graphics with a power that accelerates the gaming experience.

The variable speed shading feature, on the other hand, emphasizes working on detailed sections that help improve overall performance. Simultaneous floating-point and full-point processing allows GPUs to work through the intricate workloads of modern games more efficiently.

Other additional features like the ability to record and share videos, screenshots, etc., superior performance with game-ready drivers or DirectX12 adding to stunning graphics are the same as any other NVIDIA graphics card.

Price: Rs. 43, 600 / -

GeForce RTX 2080 is another powerful graphics card from NVIDIA that still runs on the same dynamic architecture as Turing. It offers incredible levels of realistic gaming experience, speed, power and immersion. This graphics card is way ahead of other cards in terms of futuristic gaming and realism with its live ray tracing technologies.

This factory overclocked graphics card features a futuristic 8-phase power supply that helps it with maximum overclocking. It also features 13-blade (dual axis) fans along with the latest generation vapor chamber which delivers super cool and quiet performance.

While the GPU speeds up your work with ultra-boost performance, larger workloads, etc., the NVLink bridge also connects two NVLink SLI-based graphics cards with 50 times the transfer bandwidth of previous technologies.

Price: $ 760

If you're looking for HD quality gaming and amazing VR at the best value for money, AMD's Radeon RX 580 may be the right purchase for you. It's incredibly powerful with relatively large video memory and also a penchant for handling the latest graphics APIs.

It offers some amazing effects with the 10nm Polaris 14 chip in association with the 4th generation GCN architecture. Most importantly, it comes with a higher base clock speed than the RX 480 graphics cards. In addition, it has 36 processing units and 230 stream processors. The memory is the same as the predecessor, which is 8GB of GDDR5 RAM which offers a full memory bandwidth of 256GB.

Price: $ 210

RTX 2060 is another dynamic graphics card from the NVIDIA range that runs on the Turing architecture. This boosts graphics with the blazing performance, live ray tracing, and AI power of newly released games.

It offers 6x the performance of its predecessors and brings live ray tracing and AI functionality to the latest games. This graphics card features a futuristic 6-phase power supply that helps with ultimate overclocking. It also comes loaded with dual-axis fans and 13 blades that keep the system cool and quiet.

RTX 2060 features a unique hardware encoder that allows the option to play and stream at the same time in high quality. OBS (Open Broadcaster) software, on the other hand, offers superior quality live streaming. The GPU pushes for the best speed and performance with higher workloads and more.

Price: $ 350

This high-end graphics card from NVIDIA is designed with a 12nm process. It runs on the TU106 graphics processor with DirectX 12 support. The graphics processor is a relatively larger chip that comes with 2304 shading units. It also features 64 ROPs and 144 texture mapping units.

What helps optimize its speed are the 288 tensor cores. In fact, it also features 36 real-time ray-traced acceleration cores. While the 6 GB GDDR8.192 memory on the board is connected with the help of the 256-bit memory interface, the GPU runs at a frequency of 1410 MHz. That's not all, as it can also be increased to 1620 MHz, while the memory runs at 1750 MHz.

Price: $ 500

The GYX 1080 Ti Mini, as it is called, is the smallest graphics card in the world, but at the same time the most advanced known. It is not only known for its high performance, but also for its energy efficiency thanks to the NVIDIA Pascal architecture. With a 2-card slot and a surprisingly small height (at just 211mm), it focuses on saving space for users, as well as the heatsink.

It features IceStorm cooling technology, VR-enabled, gaming-capable and with support for up to 4 displays. With massive gaming power utilizing 3584 NVIDIA CUDA cores and 12 billion transistors, this compact GPU delivers an unprecedented gaming experience. In addition to incredibly smooth gameplay and cinematic experience, it also offers a full 360-degree image capture option. Yes, even in VR mode!

It offers a truly futuristic VR experience with minimal latency and a plug-and-play option with headphones from top brands.

Price: $ 1189,95


Choosing the right graphics card becomes even more important if you are an avid gamer and are naturally looking for the best speed and performance. While the quality of the graphics and quiet experience are important, you also need to focus on the fact that it supports the latest features like VR capability along with real-time ray tracing, plug-and-play option, or advanced image capture. Once you know you have what you need, you can get the best value. So, choose from the above and you won't be able to stop from an unrivaled gaming experience.

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