Touchpad Scroll Not Working - Windows 10 (Solution)

Touchpad Scroll Not Working - Windows 10 (Solution)

Touchpad scrolling does not work it is a very common problem which has been observed with many laptop users. Typically, the touchpad slide is located on the right side of a laptop's touchpad. With the help of just one finger, you can easily scroll up or down while browsing the Internet, files, documents, etc.

Cases where touchpad scrolling stops working usually occur after Windows updates or due to other problems at times.

The introduction of Double Finger Scroll touchpads replaced the touchpad scroll. However, there are a large number of laptop users who still have touchpad scrolling laptops and notebooks. With touchpad scrolling does not work in Windows 10, getting a new laptop with dual finger swipe might be a solution for a few, but it's not practical for most of us. So, let's try to fix the file Touchpad sliding problem not working in this article. Let us see ...

Before proceeding, I would like to mention that these solutions work the same way, regardless of the brand of your laptop. The following solutions can fixed touchpad scrolling not working for Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, etc.

How To Fix Touchpad Not Scrolling - Windows 10

The first step to fix a non-working touchpad scroll is DON'T PANIC.

The chances are huge that you have updated Windows 10. And, right after the update, your touchpad scrolling stopped working. Sometimes, the reason may be something else. Hence, we will keep all possibilities open while trying to fix the touchpad scrolling not working issue.

Method 1: restart / restart your PC

Whatever the case may be, sometimes a simple reboot could fix the problem. Don't hesitate, restart your PC. This is standard procedure. Every tech support technician's dream is to reboot customer PCs to fix the problem, so I'm just trying to follow the legacy. I'm kidding, I'm serious; Have you tried restarting your PC?

So you're back, huh? Touchpad scrolling still not working? It's time to shut down your PC and start it in Safe Mode. If the touchpad scroll starts to work, it is probably the startup programs that are preventing the touchpad scroll from working.

How to start your PC in safe mode

As you start your computer, you will hear a beep. As soon as you hear that tone, start pressing the F8 button continuously. Keep an interval of about half a second between each press, until you see the icon Advanced startup options screen.

Touchpad Scroll Not Working - Windows 10 (Solution)

Select the Safe mode option and press enter key. Your PC will start in safe mode. If the touchpad scroll does not scroll, there is some problem with the startup applications.

To stop unwanted startup applications, you can visit the start menu.

print Windows + R keys together. The RUn box will appear. gender msconfig and press Ok. This will open the file System configuration window. Here, go to To boot Tab.

Here you can deselect and disable all programs except those whose manufacturers are Intel Corporation and the manufacturer's brand of the PC. For example, I have deselected all startup items except those with Dell and Intel manufacturers. After that, press Ok to save the settings. Restart your PC and see if it works.

So, up until here, we were doing basic troubleshooting. Now let's look at a couple of advanced methods, which will fix touchpad scrolling not working in Windows 10 problem in almost 95% of cases.

Method 2: Roll back the touchpad driver update

Touchpad Scroll Not Working - Windows 10 (Solution)

One of the main problems, when touchpad scrolling has stopped working for people, is because of the driver problem. There could be chances that the new driver update is incompatible or just doesn't work well with the touchpad. You can fix this by rolling back the touchpad driver update. Now, there is no rocket science behind this. You can roll back the touchpad driver update to fix touchpad scrolling not working in Windows 10 issue through the following steps:

Step 1: In Windows 10, press Windows + X keys together. This opens the Quick Access menu. From the menu list, click Device Manager option.

Step 2: In the Device Manager window, look for "Mouse and other pointing devices”Option. Click on it to expand it. From there, you'll need to right-click on the touchpad driver option. From the context menu, select the file Property option.

3 pass: In the Properties window, go to the file driver tab. Here you will find several options and buttons. One of the buttons you want to click is "Roll back driver".

If you find the Roll Back Driver option disabled, it means that your touchpad driver hasn't been updated yet. One of the things you can do is visit your laptop / notepad manufacturer's website, select your PC model, and download the immediately older version of the touchpad driver. Install the driver and see if it works.

Method 3: update the touchpad driver

The next thing to do to fix the touchpad not scrolling issue is to update the touchpad driver to the latest version. The process for updating the driver is somewhat similar to the process for rolling back updates.

Follow the steps mentioned in the method above to open Device Manager. In Device Manager, right click on the touchpad driver option as mentioned above and select Property option.

Touchpad Scroll Not Working - Windows 10 (Solution)

From the properties window, you will need to select the file Update Driver option, instead of Roll back driver option.

Once the update is complete, restart your PC and see if the problem is resolved.

Alternative way to update the touchpad driver

If the above method didn't work, the following method will likely fix the touchpad not scrolling issue.

Step 1: Open Device Manager as shown above. Go to the touchpad driver and right click on it. From the context menu, select the file Uninstall option. When the uninstall is complete, Restart your PC. It is recommended that you connect a mouse before uninstalling the touchpad driver. If you do not have access to a mouse, it is recommended that you perform the second step first.

Step 2: Go to the PC manufacturer's website, select the model number and download the latest touchpad driver from there in compatibility mode.

3 pass: Right-click the downloaded driver file and click Property.

Touchpad Scroll Not Working - Windows 10 (Solution)

4 pass: Go to the Compatibility tab in the Properties window. There, you have to select the "Run this program in Compatibility mode“, Then from the drop-down menu, select your current operating system, ie Windows 10.

5 pass: Install the driver and restart your PC.

This would solve the problem for you and scrolling your touchpad would work just fine.

Method 4: enable virtual scrolling

Here's another thing you might try to fix the touchpad scrolling not working issue. Enable virtual scrolling from the control panel. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Open Home menu and type "Control Panel". Click and open the Control Panel.

Touchpad Scroll Not Working - Windows 10 (Solution)

Step 2: In the Control Panel, you need to select the file Topo option. If you can't find the mouse, it means the options are displayed as categories. Click on Hardware option to find the file Topo option.

3 pass: In the mouse window, go to Properties of the pointing device tab. Here, click the "Device settings”Option.

Touchpad Scroll Not Working - Windows 10 (Solution)

4 pass: From this window, select "Virtual scrolling"And"Long distance scrolling"Options. Select the other necessary options according to your preferences.

5 pass: Now select the file Sliding region and point the area where touchpad scrolling is available on your touchpad.

Note: This is not exactly a solution to the problem of touchpad scrolling not working in Windows 10, but a workaround for scrolling using the laptop touchpad.

Closing words

While these methods will definitely fix your problem, you are probably reading this because none of the solutions have worked for you (sad and irritating at the same time). It is probably a hardware problem; you never know. It's time for you to take your laptop for a check at the nearest service center and use that unused warranty card you probably forgot. I know it's a hassle and time consuming, but that's the benefit of having your PC checked by professionals.


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