Twisted Metal: report anticipates the new developer of the reboot

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There has been talk over the past week that the reboot di Twisted Metal, which according to what we knew was in the hands of Lucid games, developer who started Destruction AllStars on PS5. However, following the change of software house was reported, the VGC pages confirmed that the reboot will be dealt with firesprite.

Let's talk about a developer who Sony acquired in 2021, and which apparently has already put to work on a particularly important title, as it is the reboot of a saga that is far from forgotten and still particularly chatted among fans.

The studio in question, following the acquisition of the Japanese giant, has also expanded further, and we know for sure that the reboot is in good hands at the staff level. As also recently confirmed on ResetEra, Matt Southern, director of several games MotorStorm and the original Drive Club, he left Lucid to pursue the project while maintaining the same role at Firesprite.

As for Lucid Games, which in the meantime continues to support Destruction AllStars despite an increasingly reduced user base, after the change in development of the Twisted Metal reboot, its future is totally in the shadows, and it is not yet clear. if the developer is working on further projects.

Sony’s Firesprite studio has taken over Twisted Metal, VGC understands, as Motorstorm’s director is hired.

— Andy Robinson (@AndyPlaytonic) January 12, 2022

It should be specified that - although reliable - at the moment we are dealing only with reports, and in fact, there is still no confirmation from Sony on the whole, although this could come soon, given the increase in the increasingly insistent rumors.

For all the details regarding the Twisted Metal reboot, we take the opportunity to refer you to our dedicated card, you can find it at this link, waiting for further news about the saga and the next Lucid projects.


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