Twitter guide for beginners

Twitter guide for beginners Twitter guide for beginners

Have you recently downloaded the Twitter app and proceeded to create an account? Well, if now you don't know how to move on social media, here is a Twitter guide for beginners. Discover our tips and the various opportunities to take advantage of.

Twitter Beginner's Guide: Steps

Would you like a beginner's Twitter guide to understanding how this social interaction tool works?
Once logged in on the social network, if you intend to follow, for example, a person, just type his name in the text field located at the top right, in correspondence with the word Search on Twitter. You will be able to see a drop-down menu with the search results.

Click on the username of the person you want to follow and then follow them by pressing the Follow button. This way, tweets posted by people you follow will automatically appear in your Twitter feed. To unfollow a person, go back to their user profile and click on Unfollow.

You want to write a Tweet? Well, go to the Twitter home page and type your Tweet text in the What's New text field. Always consider the maximum length of 280 characters and that you can also use this space to report interesting or funny websites, or to write whatever you like.
Remember that you can also customize it with multimedia content: how? Just click on the button with the picture symbol and attach an image or video to the Tweet, while to insert animated images, press the GIF button.

If you go to the (+) button located next to the Tweet button you will be able to access the extended version of the Twitter text editor and you can write a new thread by adding and chaining more than one Tweet. To publish it, click on the Tweet button or on the Tweet all button, in case you have created a new thread.

You want to interact with a Tweet? How to do? Press on the heart to like the Tweet, while pressing the two arrows symbol will share the Tweet on your profile, thus making a retweet.

Do you want to interact with the author of the tweet? Press the button with a cartoon symbol and type the message you want to send to the author of the Tweet.

To interact with a person on social, type @ followed by their Twitter username.

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