Ubisoft: CEO "justifies" the allegations of toxicity

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Un interview for La Presse, a French newspaper, ended badly for the CEO of Ubisoft Yves Guillemot, who let himself go in a decidedly unhappy comment. In response to questions that have been asked about the toxicity problems quite well-known inside the company, which had entered among the other scandals in the world of video games of 2020, Guillemot said:

Creating a video game is not easy. There are “challenges” to overcome, and from time to time there is a lot of tension […] to create, you need a little friction.

Despite before and after the comment the CEO has spent himself much to state that Ubisoft has put together programs that aim exactly at eliminating these attitudes, online users couldn't help but notice that call problematic behaviors in the workplace simple "Clutch" DON'T It seems to be one reasoning useful for the abatement of toxicity. The whole is worsened by the statements of several journalists, like Ethan Gach of Kotaku who says:

More than one longtime developer has told me that Guillemot just doesn't understand where the problem is

These internal problems in the company often end up penalizing not only the quality of life of the employees, but the games themselves, and the first symptoms are already there, as rumor has it that many developers are trying to avoid working on Assassin's Creed Red because of several attitudes already present among leaders of the project.

Source: Le Presse Via: GamesRadar+
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