Ubisoft launches a mobile battle royale born as a spin-off of Far Cry

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lately Ubisoft he is going through a strange period, he seems to want to renew himself and he does so by experimenting with different things with the probable aim of slowly moving away from his old modus operandi. The latest of these experiments of the French company seems to be precisely Wild Arena Survivors, apparently a new IP released exclusively for mobile released in the utmost mystery. It is in the last few days, however, that rumors seem to be circulating that THAT is nothing more than a spin off of Far Cry, released in small parts in order to study the reaction of the public and deprived of its nature once the response has been seen.
In fact, the first period of Wild Arena Survivors was not exactly lucky, which does not seem to have attracted the attention of the public as Ubisoft hoped. It therefore seems that, given the poor results, the game was released with the only hope of recovering part of the production costs. Although it seems to be one of its new goals, the French company seems to continue not to be brought to mobile titles, still enjoying great success with its historical IPs for consul e PC. We don't know what Ubisoft's next moves will be but from such an important company we can only expect the best.

Source: IGN
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