Ubisoft will allow you to import Google Stadia saves

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A recent tweet from Ubisoft Support provided information on the upcoming closure of Google Stadia and the related possible "loss" of Ubisoft games related to it. In the message it was communicated that, as Stadia will close its doors on January 18 2023, in just 3 and a half months, the service Ubisoft connect will allow users to transfer the purchased titles data to your PC, without therefore losing them.

The closure of Google Stadia has been announced and made official recently, and they immediately started different refund campaigns to allow players not to give up games bought for the service. Ubisoft Connect could be a way to allow the company not to have to reimburse all users, guaranteeing the maintenance of their purchases. In the tweet published there were also new promises information about the service soon.

While Stadia will shut down on January 18, 2023, we're happy to share that we're working to bring the games you own on Stadia to PC through Ubisoft Connect. We'll have more to share regarding specific details as well as the impact for Ubisoft+ subscribers at a later date.

— Ubisoft Support (@UbisoftSupport) September 30, 2022

Although Stadia will close on January 18, 2023, we are happy to share with you the fact that we are working to transfer games, owned on Stadia, to PC via Ubisoft Connect. We will have more to share regarding specific details and impact for Ubisoft + subscribers at a later date.

This is, therefore, good news for those who own a PC, but it is a "patch" that will definitely need a polish.

Source: Twitter
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