Uncharted and Days Gone developers open a Triple A studio

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Two developers from Sony, who have worked on titles such as Uncharted e days gone, they decided to come together to create Lithos, a new Triple A video game software house. The two developers immediately took advantage of the news of the creation of Liithos, also presenting their first title, which will be called Ashfall, described as the first true Triple A Web 3.0 for PC, console and the Hedera network of the blockchain.

After presenting the name of the studio and their first title, let's now get to know the two developers who are Michael Mumbauer and John Garvin. These two characters are veterans in the field of video game production, so much so that Mumbauer has been to head of visual arts di PlayStation, working on masterpiece titles such as Uncharted e thelastofus, as well as on Days Gone. She had already left Sony for some time to pursue another career by founding That's No Moon, but left after less than a year of activity.

John Garvin was the creative director of Days Gone and Siphon Filter at Bend Studio, who as he himself admitted pulled him away from the work team, to "A disruptive personality". Let's go back now Ashfall, the title of the new software house, which is described as an open world set in a land devastated by global warming, where mysterious energy fields have formed and full of warring enclaves.

According to what has been stated, the idea behind the title is to set players in the first single player missions, and then evolve into a PvP and PvE title. The novelty also lies in the fact that Ashfall will connect to the Hedera network, a system of blockchain that will allow players to build, sell and exchange all the features of the title with "exclusivity". Most likely the basis of this idea is the desire to create NFT elements, a project demonized by the world gamer community, so much so that other players in the market will also withdraw.

The two characters have begun to collaborate to give birth to a title that is truly disruptive, with ideas that do not care about the market, even trying to grasp that part film transmedia, so as to produce not just a simple video game:

“Michael and I have been working together creatively for nearly two decades and this is our chance to create something truly new and exciting. It's like putting the band back together. Our goal is to create a truly next-generation open world experience that engages with new technologies to enable user-generated content. As always, our goal is to create beloved characters, captivating stories, evolutionary gameplay and a world worth exploring, not just in games, but in other media as well. "

This news still leaves us very hesitant, it is true that the two characters are considered experts in the sector, but being able to make everything coexist, without making a mistake even one iota seems a titanic undertaking for them too. However, we will be looking forward to the next news regarding Liithos and their new Ashfall.

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