Uncharted, the series could receive a reboot

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According to the new report prepared by the site The leak, the most iconic series of Sony and consequently of its developer, N, Uncharted would be in the process of receiving a reboot.

As for the development of this project though it should be emphasized that Naughty Dog will not be taking charge the thing but it would be a development team anonymous for now.

According to what is reported by the site, however, it seems that the study of Naughty Dog would support the work team (for the time being unknown) in the early stages of game development at least according to the leaks of the moment.

These games are hard to make. Especially with a character like Nathan Drake, in a fairly grounded world, it's a challenge to consider how much we can expand the universe while still abiding by those kinds of rules."


He has declared Robert Cogburn, head of game design at Naughty Dog, continuing with:

That's not to say the questions will be the same in games we make in the future, but as a studio we've gotten tired of answering the same types of questions in the same narrative.
It will be fun for us to embark on new ideas and start developing them.

From here we understand how the work team thinks of something else while in any case it will hopefully lend eyes and ears to those who get their hands on one of the most loved series ever.

In the meantime, if you missed our review of Uncharted: the legacy of thieves available on PC, we leave it here.

Fonte: Insider-Gaming Via: The Leak
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