User plays the 90s classics on Xbox Series X with Windows 98

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The end of the 90s was characterized by a boom in the gaming sector that has remained in the hearts of many current gamers, especially owners of a PC Pentium con Windows 98 (many of which will now surely own a next-gen console like the Xbox Series X / S).

A user who lived through that golden age managed to install the system on Xbox Series X, reviving some great classics of the eighth art. This was possible thanks to the support recently received from the core DOSBox Pure RetroArch, which opened the door to a wide range of PC classics, now running on Microsoft's next-gen console hardware.

Any game for Windows 98 (we're talking titles like Quake, Half-Life, Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter, Command and Conquer and more) is now available on Xbox Series X and S, complete with emulation support for 3dfx Voodoo Graphics. However, the installation procedure is rather tortuous. To install the emulation system RetroArch with Xbox, which in turn runs DOSBox Pure, an unusual procedure is required, especially if you think that you need to make a twentieth-second operating system coexist with a latest generation platform.

Also, it is vital that you install Windows 98 while running DOSBox Pure on Xbox Series X / S. All software must be downloaded via RetroArch support for disc ISOs. The approach chosen by the user who succeeded in the enterprise was l’FTP to stream these ISOs from PC to Xbox consoles. The final result, after various machinations, is the complete installation of Windows98 on the next-gen console from Microsoft, complete with perfectly playable vintage titles and fully installed.

Unfortunately RetroArch does not currently support USB mice, which means the latter needs to be replaced by the right stick on the Xbox controller. Using the controller as a mouse remains a limiting factor for ergonomics and control. It is perfectly usable, however, on the desktop and with most first person shooter, but things get complicated for isometric titles and real-time strategy games.

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