Villarreal eliminates Bayern from the Champions League, and mentions Elden Ring

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Villarreal beat Bayern Munich in the last match played in the Champions Leauge, and to celebrate the event, the social media manager of the Spanish team compared to Elden Ring's Senzaluce.

Football fans will be familiar with the phrase "Football is strange, Beppe", said by Fabio Caressa to his colleague Beppe Bergomi during Germany's sensational 1-7 against Brazil, a match that brought Die Mannschaft to the 2014 World Cup final. The last Champions League match is another proof of this: football can be surprisingly weird.

In this case it is not a match worthy of the World Cup final, but a match worthy of David against Goliath. In fact, yesterday was held the match that saw Villarreal compete against Bayern Munich, which saw the Spanish eleven grab the win with a draw, but by adding up the score she managed to move on to the next stage of the European tournament. Obviously this sparked the joy of the fans located in Spain and the bitterness for the Germans.

But if there is something that surprised all gamers it was the choice of the social media manager of Villarreal to compare the victory against a team as strong as Bayern Munich. to defeating an Elden Ring boss.

The post starring Elden Ring is available through the official team account, and it is possible to read in English the sentence of when an important enemy is defeated in the RPG created by From Software: «Great enemy killed».

A vice this #ELDENRING…#UCL

— Villarreal CF (@VillarrealCF) April 12, 2022

Just like the Senzaluce of the title, the sports club is following its path that will not lead it to forge - or not to forge - the Elden Ring, but to raise to the sky the most ambitious and easy to recognize cup in the history of FIFA. Yes, we are referring to the big-eared cup: the European Cup.

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